Alpine – Hands

Posted in caught by juliobesq on September 28, 2012

Playing with memes from our imagined adolescent girl rituals, crashing together Susannah B’s schoolgirls, sleep-overs and Lizzie Borden. Lord of the flies in the Valley of the Dolls: come up your own glib pop psychology.

The song’s pretty good too.

Todd Terje “Inspector Norse” music video

Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 30, 2012

Although I am overfond of saying “Simplicity done well”, as a maxim it is hard to beat. There is a small genre of music videos where subtitles are overlain to add a extra dimension or narrative not present in the lyrics.

Film maker Kristoffer Borgli uses this conciet and with just a few lines sets the back story for this short tale of a man who likes dancing in a small Norwegian town. Funny, moving and touching.

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“Grind” by Jenni Hiltunen and Miikka Lommi

Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 26, 2012

GRIND was made for Art gallery/-museum KIASMA and exhibition “Thank you for the music” 2012.

Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV. The video is a playful take on the dancehall culture with its provocative costumes, suggestive poses, roles and blatant sexuality.

Idea and script: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct and edit: Miikka Lommi
DOP: Jan Granström
Styling: Kirsi Nisonen/Henna Koskinen
Make-up & hair: Piia Hiltunen
Lights: Paavo Lehtonen/Jan Granström
Coloring: Pasi Mäkelä/James Post
Music: Ville Riippa
Dancers: House of Queens

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Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville

Posted in caught, sought by juliobesq on April 23, 2012

As if the four minute intro till the bass drops in La Ritournelle or the video for Look wasn’t enough, now we have Cochon Ville.

Behold. A Dionysian God of disco sex. Bakkheia indeed.

Bitches in Bookshops

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 20, 2012

Thanks to traumata for putting this my way

– Performed by La Shea Delaney (@lashea_delaney) & Annabelle Quezada (@annabelleqv)
– Director/Producer/Songwriter – Annabelle Quezada
– Director of Photography/Editor/Special FX – Eliav Mintz
– Song Recorded and Mixed by – Stephen Galgano

Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta FINE me­,
They can’t identify me,
Checked in with a pseudonym, so I guess you can say I’m Mark Twaining.
Read so hard, I’m not lazy.
Go on Goodreads, so much rated.
Fountainhead, on my just read, gave it four stars, and then changed it.
Read so hard, I’m literary.
Goosebumps series, TOO SCARY!

Animal Farm, Jane Eyre
Barnes & Nobles, Foursquare it
No TV, I read instead
Got lotsa Bills, but not bread

Read so hard, got paper cuts
On trains while you’re playin’ connect the dots
All these blisters from turning pages
Read so hard, I’m seeing spots

Your Sudoku just can’t compare
Nor Angry Birds cos lookit here
My Little Birds is getting stares
This print’s rare.

Read so hard, I memorize, The Illiad… I know lines.
Watch me spit, classic lit, epic poems that don’t rhyme.
War and Peace, piece of cake, read Tolstoy in 3 days.
Straight through, no delays.
Didn’t miss a word. Not one phrase.

Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta fineee me – That shit cray x 3
Read so hard librarians tryin’ ta fineee me — That shit cray x 3

He said Shea can we get married at the Strand
His Friday Reads are bad so he can’t have my hand
You ball so hard, OK you’re bowling
But I read so hard, I’m JK Rowling

That shit cray
Ain’t it, A? What you readin’?
AQ: DeMontaigne.
You use a Kindle? I carry spines.
Supporting bookshops like a bra, Calvin Klein.

Nerdy boy, he’s so slow
Tuesday we started Foucault
He’s still stuck on the intro? He’s a no go.
It’s sad I had to kick him out my house though —
He Mispronounced an author – MARCEL PROUST

Don’t read in the dark
I highlight with markers
While laying in the park
And wearing Warby Parkers
Marriage Plot broke my heart
And it made me read Barthes
I special ordered a
A softcover not hard- HUAH?AHEHA?!

Read so hard libraries tryin’ ta fine me x 2

I am now marking my place
Don’t wanna crease on my page
Don’t let me forget this page
Don’t let me forget this page
I may forget where I left off so I’ll use this little post it…
I hope it doesn’t fall out, I hope that it stays stickie…

I am now marking my place
Don’t wanna crease on my page
Don’t let me forget this page
I got bookmarks at home
But I forgot one for the road
AQ: I got a bookmark I can loan
La Shea: Know how many bookmarks I own?

I am now bookmarking my page x3
Don’t let me forget this PAGE….

Rough Trade documentary

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 6, 2011

Dangerous Minds recently alerted me to a reposting of BBC4’s documentary on Rough Trade. Well, actually informed me of its existence.

Much credence is given to Tony Wilson and Factory Records, but little is ever said of Geoff Travis. His impact on the last thirty years of British music can not be underestimated. There’s the list of bands if you want a glib overview: The Smiths; Pulp; The Libertines; The Strokes, to name a few. But without his vision and integrity there may not have been an independent music scene at all, Mute, Two Tone and countless other labels rode on the network he put in place to offer an alternative to the majors.

There are two unsung heroes not mentioned in the documentary, or rather the crucial part they played in keeping independence afloat. When Rough Trade went into receivership the future livelihood of many small labels and bands was put into jeopardy. Two figureheads of record labels, who each were owed around a million pounds, both declined to accept any money from the liquidator. Instead asking that their share be used to pay all the small labels, designers and artists who had no other source of income. As far as I know Daniel Miller of Mute and Bill Drummond of the KLF have never been credited for this act, but I for one will be eternally grateful. Respect. Geoff Travis ensured that the little fish were paid.

His closing quote is worth taking heed of… “the only important thing is what happens now, what happens next”

FlashGlamTrash pairing

Posted in caught by juliobesq on May 27, 2011

(Chen Chieh–Jen) Rebirth I – Twelve Karmas Under the City | (Cleon Peterson) We Become What We Are 2

(Chen Chieh–Jen) Rebirth I – Twelve Karmas Under the City | (Cleon Peterson) We Become What We Are 2

Los adolescentes – Dënver

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 15, 2011

El Guincho’s Bombay gets shaken up with McGinley’s I Know Where the Summer Goes.

Sunshine comes early.

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Anna Ternheim – Summer Rain

Posted in caught by juliobesq on November 26, 2010

Simplicity kills

With less than a calendar month to go, although not December, it seems the time to post this.

Alive – Goldfrapp

Posted in caught by juliobesq on May 28, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Improve our day; give us our daily glitter; deliver us the New Goldfrapp video

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Mrzyk & Moriceau animation

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 12, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I hesitate to use the word ‘sexy’ and overstate the maxim ‘a simple idea done well’, now find myself having to overuse the unusable. Even more surprising is uttering sexy when it’s an animation being talked about.

French illustrators Mrzyk & Moriceau have drawn the animation for Sebastien Tellier’s song ‘Look’. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. And yes, sexy.

Alerted via the tasteful folk at Svärta. Created to celebrate ten years of Record Makers, as a party-bag present they are letting you download it for nothing from

Ryan McGinley Puma short film

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 2, 2010

Ryan MacGinley, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones - short film for Puma

I have long suspected the world of the art photographer is financed by commissions from commerce. Ryan McGinley having already shot for Levi’s, Wranglers (a favourite) and Pringle is no stranger to risking his art in advertising.

His short film for Puma raises the bar a notch in pedigree, as he collaborates with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones, better known as the directors of London’s Serpentine gallery.

As always he delivers a paean to innocence with nude cyclist couple (Puma bikes surprise surprise) gamboling in orchard sunlight. Very McGinley. The official release can be found online at Wallpaper magazine, with a soundtrack that sounds surprisingly like Woozy with Cider.

However a little digging about revealed a version sans music, only the wind and ambience of recording. Which for me imparts a more engaging atmosphere, a sense of there, rather than voyeurism; stripping it of advertising’s sheen and it’s penchant for ready-made emotion. I suggest heading over to vmagazine and watching it there…

(I realise it’s a few years old but any day can be improved with some vintage McGinley, the man even makes the Winter Olympics beautiful.)

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Marilyn Minter short film

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 14, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am rather beguiled with the work of Marilyn Minter who is described as creating imagery of damaged glamour. She seems to draw a lot of criticism for also shooting fashion work but isn’t that akin to criticising George Orwell for writing book reviews?

Being an admirer of her work didn’t stop me from utterly missing on her producing a short film as part of last summers exhibition, or even Madonna using it as a backdrop on her recent tour. It’s entitled Green Pink Caviar, if you are new to her work further photographs/paintings can be seen on the Salon 94 gallery web site.

After viewing check out what the paintings look like in-situ, probably quite different from what you expected given their photographic representations on screen.

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Bottle of wine

Posted in caught by juliobesq on September 28, 2009
Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is quite old now but I didn’t catch it until a couple of weeks a go. I really like it.

(And it answers that nagging question: what would Belle and Sebastian sound like if Liam Gallagher fronted them?)

It’s by Pigeon Horse Sex Tennis, you can download it for free from

The longest way

Posted in caught by juliobesq on September 10, 2009
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nothing beats doing a simple idea done well. Except doing a simple idea fantastically well.

More about Christoph Rehage at his site

My thanks to Party Nice for alerting me to this.


Posted in caught by juliobesq on May 3, 2009

Art Fry photographed by David Friedman Fuchsia by Mervyn Peake

I’ve always loved the way a paperclip’s appearance in Mervyn Peake’s “Gormenghast” breaks the ‘fantasy world’, halts it from solidifying into a Tolkienesque bygone mythology, jolting us into an alternative parallel world.

Stationary in literature, the typewriter in Burrough‘s Naked Lunch, Douglas Coupland Office Supplies Ltd.

These are just a few of my favourite things.

And before it all gets too metatextual this is just a way to introduce this delightful clip made by photographer David Friedman, who filmed the Post It note inventor Art Fry watching a video of a Post It note performance. Recursion. And so on.

(and an excuse to post one of of Mr Peake’s beautiful illustrations)

Snow Club

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 3, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

London is under six inches of snow. Last night neighbours in my street found themselves in a spontaneous snowball fight, one side of the street versus the other.

It may not be Christmas but it is enough of reason to post this – Slow Club singing in the back of a taxi. From the splendid site The Black Cab Sessions, apparently it’s very popular but newly discovered for me today. And I got to the end without a Snow Club pun.

grace returns

Posted in caught by juliobesq on September 4, 2008

She’s back. I’m scared.

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dynamite walken diptych

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on July 22, 2008

inspired by chris clarke’s untitled youtube diptychs.

curious about a napoleon dynamite christopher walken dance off?

dynamite walken diptych

curious no more.

you dancin’?

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you don’t have to go looking for sorrow, sorrow will find you.

joy however is more a elusive creature, it‘s ephemeral nature making it hard to bottle and disseminate. it requires an openness, a naivety, to let it in, but where it exists it should be sought.

there is a story behind the video above, which can be read at, but first watch the clip and put a big stupid grin on your face.


Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 21, 2008

the new sony campaign featuring 460 million liters of foam. i don’t care if it is an advert, just watching it makes me feel happy.

like the mastercard airport advert last christmas, which surprised by being the most emotive program amongst the seasonal offerings, there is something infectious about watching members of the public expressing joy.
we need royal de luxe back. maybe liverpool september 08?
warren ellis from the woefully underrated dirty three composed the piano for the sony spot.
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