Slow Club portrait

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on May 6, 2009

Slow Club

I am rather taken with Slow Club, so asked if I could do their portrait. Turned out nice as they say.

They are as delightful live and in person as they on record, is currently featuring them so you can judge for yourself, along with the very great Emmy the Great and Psapp going acoustic. The Black Cab Sessions on a bandstand if you will. 

Fact: Slow Club like my home-made bread.

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Slow Club a ‘coming

Posted in sought by juliobesq on April 16, 2009

Music taste is a much too personal matter to post about. One man’s candy floss being another’s vinegar and all that. But sometimes, just sometimes, a band comes around who make you love music like you did before careers, mortgages and their ilk drag you into the half-light called responsibility. A band that makes you want to sing out loud.

Slow Club do that to me.

And they are playing my local this Monday. It’s sold out but I shall be haranguing the doorman till I get in. So this is just really an excuse to put up one of their tracks. Play it. If it sends spasms of joy through you then tickets are available for their shows at the Scala and the ICA later this year. It’s safe to mention as mine are already booked.

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Snow Club

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 3, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

London is under six inches of snow. Last night neighbours in my street found themselves in a spontaneous snowball fight, one side of the street versus the other.

It may not be Christmas but it is enough of reason to post this – Slow Club singing in the back of a taxi. From the splendid site The Black Cab Sessions, apparently it’s very popular but newly discovered for me today. And I got to the end without a Snow Club pun.

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