Brian Sergio Year 1 – a ‘zine

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 Skatetown by Brian Sergio

Brian Sergio Year 1 - a 'zine | Skatetown by Brian Sergio

Brian Sergio is a photographer and artist working out of the Philippines. Remember how I said I loved people who make things? Well, Brian’s printed up a ‘zine of snaps and stuff done over the last year. This sort of behaviour has to be encouraged, yes?

Ordered my copy, more news when it arrives…

Available from

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Pure Filth – a ‘zine

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PUREFILTH™ issue 2.5 | PUREFILTH™ BlackDream Ink

PUREFILTH is a quarterly publication focusing on the art of photographing girls, and graffiti. We aim to feature new models and photographers that are making quality work that differs from the norm, and stimulates the senses.
We devote our pages for the memories on film (or digital) of the antics of prolific graffiti artists, narrowing our scope to raw street painting, sketches, works in progress, and images that give a sense of how the writer lives and works.
Each issue is dedicated to one model, and one artist, and is produced in a high-quality 8.5×11 format, and enclosed in a custom printed re-sealable bag..
Edition of 50, signed and numbered.
48 pages, black and white, full color cover.
Includes hand-pulled screen-print, #1-#24 come with an additional mystery gift.

I think it’s run by Mr Glass. It features unclothed females. What am I doing posting magazines like this? Exploitation? There’s an interesting quirk of our modern post-feminist times, issue 2.5 features Ms.Michelle by Fox Harvard whom I believe are a couple, likewise issue 1.5 with Quinn Cornchip shot by the afore mentioned Mr Glass, yes, another couple.

Besides, I love people who make things. Saving my pennies. If my voice counts for anything my vote for issue 3.5 goes to the fashion photographer Sorri and his girlfriend.

Oh, and there’s black ink and t-shirts too. All available from

On sale now – Nipple Badges

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On sale now

Julian Baker’s Nipple Badges

Series #1
“Blondie” Nipple Badges
Limited numbered edition of 100 badge packs, signed by the artist

2 full colour 38mm badges
Signed and numbered header card

£5.00 per pack available from

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