New work – One Third Inflated

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“One Third Inflated”
Julian Baker
London, July 2012

From the Skintones series

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New work – Colony

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Julian Baker
Leaving the path, July 2012

Pairing: Guy Bourdin vs. Ren Hang

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For Vogue Paris by Guy Bourdin, 1976 | Ren Hang, 2012

For Vogue Paris by Guy Bourdin, 1976
Ren Hang, 2012

New work – Dressed for Pleasure

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“Dressed for Pleasure”
Julian Baker
London, July 2012

New work – Coupled, Lovers #8

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“Coupled, Lovers #8”
Julian Baker
London, June 2012

New work – Coupled, Friends #7

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“Coupled, Friends #7”
Julian Baker
London, May 2012

New work – Coupled, Lovers #7

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“Coupled, Lovers #7”
Julian Baker
London, May 2012

New work – Coupled, Friends #6

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“Coupled, Friends #6”
Julian Baker
London, May 2012

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New work – Dandelion

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Julian Baker
London, May 2012
From the Magnoliophyta series
Hair and make-up Katie Campbell

New work – Coupled, Lovers #6

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“Coupled, Lovers #6”
Julian Baker
London, March 2012

Magazine fetish – Sex and Design, Acne Paper

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Acne paper Issue No 13 The Body | Sex + Design: Foreplay

The magazine’s continuing war against my wallet, just ordered…

Acne Paper Issue No13 The Body
I’ll admit it, it was actually hearing editor Thomas Persson’s sexy voice that made me want to buy. Perhaps all magazines should be made to have audio introduction by their creatives. Acne appear to actually be a fashion label, Swedish Acne Studios, unlike Vice and American Apparel which appear to be co-joined in some sort of way, Acne is a direct product of the clothing company but intriguingly isn’t about fashion specifically. There’s a lot of art and photography including a favourite of mine Malerie Marder, with essays interspersed.

There’s a large selection of pages online to browse through just small enough so you can’t read the copy. I only hope the hard copy has that yummy shiny-paper offset-litho-printed smell so Persson and his crew can stimulate all my senses (I’ve yet to lick the page).

Sex + Design: Foreplay

Meant to include this is my last round-up of new titles I desire. I’ve followed Sex+Design’s blog for a while so was intrigued when they announced a physical version. To pluck three disparate contributors from the debut issue “Foreplay” (see what they did there?) you get: JT LeRoy, author of “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”; Eine, the graffiti artist who has brightened up my neighbourhoods; Fox Harvard the prolific but always fresh nude photographer, I particularly like the way he sees no difference between film and Instagram. How could it not be a win? Still saving since postage to home is as much as the cover price.

Magazine lust

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Et Alors | Fixation Mag | Tissue Magazine | No Thoughts

It heartens me somewhat that even with the deluge of blogs and online publications the official figures on the sales on paper based magazines are up along with a record number of new titles. Digital printing has brought in a new wave of fanzine, now in colour rather than Xeroxed.

The downside is acquiring enough pocket money to buy them all. Desired on the internet newsstand right now are…

Et Alors
“A flamboyant magazine”. Very high on my want list. Et Alors comes on like a proper newsagent monthly only full of the sort of the content that never makes it into its vanilla counterparts. Their mission statement – fun, fashion, fetish, art, gender, BDSM, literature, gay, culture, glamour and icons. Saving my pennies as I type.

Fixation Mag
“Our food is pushed out of refrigerators to make room for dark canisters”. Focussing on real film, miffed I missed getting Issue 1 ‘Enamored’ before it sold out but still available as a super cheap PDF, featuring the ubiquitous Fox Harvard.

Tissue Magazine
From Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and Hans Bussert, previously of Nude Paper. Nudes interspersed with missives from the cultural front.

No Thoughts
A black and white A6 publication more in keeping with fanzines of old, featuring a couple of expresso hits each from a large cast including Alexander Bergström, Aaron Feaver, David Richardson, Corrado Dalco, Joseph Story and Synchrodogs amongst many many more.

Guest spot on Nothing but the truth

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After writing up my appreciation of Jimmy Gerrard’s and Ben John Smith’s tumblr magazine ‘Nothing but the truth’ they rather embarrassingly asked if I would contribute a little something. I promise I did not blog them just to get invited. Really.

But I am glad they did. In spirit of the magazine I’ve shot something a tad more saucy than my usual work. It goes without saying it’s all in the best possible taste of course. The ‘story’ as fashion folks like to say is entitled “Homegrown” and is a knowing wink and homage to the days when home ‘photographers’ had to run the gauntlet sending their film for development at the local Boots.

It’s showing exclusively at
and a shoebox under the bed near you.

Thank you Jimmy and Ben.

Interview and feature in 180 magazine

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180 Magazine covers art and fashion photography, the current issue features a selection of my work along with a brief interview. I would naturally be delighted by such attention but extra pleasure comes from being included alongside Dido Fontana and Alva Bernadine. Good company indeed.

Pure Filth – a ‘zine

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PUREFILTH™ issue 2.5 | PUREFILTH™ BlackDream Ink

PUREFILTH is a quarterly publication focusing on the art of photographing girls, and graffiti. We aim to feature new models and photographers that are making quality work that differs from the norm, and stimulates the senses.
We devote our pages for the memories on film (or digital) of the antics of prolific graffiti artists, narrowing our scope to raw street painting, sketches, works in progress, and images that give a sense of how the writer lives and works.
Each issue is dedicated to one model, and one artist, and is produced in a high-quality 8.5×11 format, and enclosed in a custom printed re-sealable bag..
Edition of 50, signed and numbered.
48 pages, black and white, full color cover.
Includes hand-pulled screen-print, #1-#24 come with an additional mystery gift.

I think it’s run by Mr Glass. It features unclothed females. What am I doing posting magazines like this? Exploitation? There’s an interesting quirk of our modern post-feminist times, issue 2.5 features Ms.Michelle by Fox Harvard whom I believe are a couple, likewise issue 1.5 with Quinn Cornchip shot by the afore mentioned Mr Glass, yes, another couple.

Besides, I love people who make things. Saving my pennies. If my voice counts for anything my vote for issue 3.5 goes to the fashion photographer Sorri and his girlfriend.

Oh, and there’s black ink and t-shirts too. All available from

Coupled, Lovers #1

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‘Coupled, Lovers #1’
London, November 2010

The first in an occasional series exploring how friends treat nakedness, how we gaze at nudity, how we define our personal boundaries of self-exposure. And how lovers look.

Male Pattern Blindness

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“Male Pattern Blindness”
London, November 2010
From the Overt series

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Monograph (or every nude betrays its author)

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Monograph (Polaroid)”
From the Skintones series
London, November 2010

“Every nude betrays its author” — Carlo Mollino

Roxie very kindly shot the “Monograph” portrait with me. I wont attempt to explain the metaphor, it’s not particularly deep or clever, I only mention it for the fact it has some relevance later on…

I normally use a ring flash which gives a very flat even light, sometimes used in fashion shoots, frequently models express a dislike for them as the effect is considered unflattering. Roxie arrives, we prep, prop and pose. Pop! Or rather not. The flash has died between the morning’s test run and pressing the shutter.

Improv with a studio light, shoot on medium format, scan and colour correct. The image looked as I intended abut didn’t “feel” like I had wanted. The lighting emphasising, nudging it into art nude territory.

I’m on record saying my work isn’t about exaggerating the body beautiful – there are plenty of people already shooting very graceful art nudes, the world doesn’t need me adding to them. So after posting it online for a few hours, I pulled it.

As a paranoid insurance, and because I love them, I had taken a Polaroid snap at the shoot’s end. Not exactly candid but without the purpose in the official medium format shots. The Polaroid capturing all I wanted to get across. The image was originally conceived at Summer’s start and it’s taken this long for Roxie and I to get together to shot. In the meantime I’ve gone from lomo to lighting, but concept remaining the same as it was back in the days of lofi. Seems the moral is: if your metaphor is lightweight and throwaway then use a methodology to match.

The result a perfect marriage. Sometimes, for an idea to work it only requires a few brush strokes.

Bar Maids

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Bar Maids
London, November 2010
from the ‘Overt’ series

Featured on Art Nudes

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Art Nudes highlights my work…

Quirky, lo-fi and clever photography (and writing and interactive digital, and…)

Thank you Art Nudes, well worth browsing the site, curator Michael Barnes has built an extensive gallery of artists, I’ve discovered a few new names there myself.

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London, September 2010
From the Skintones series

Vixen [redux]

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The Jungian Woods
August 2009


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London, August 2010


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From the Skintones series
London, August 2010

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Very excited as to what the mailbag will bring in the next few days.

As Nude Paper have just announced that the second issue is rolling off the press any day now, it seemed highly prudent to grab a copy of the premier issue while still in stock. It pertains to be a fashion magazine for the underdressed and oversexed. Mine’s in the post.

Nude Paper Blog | Order Nude Paper

Boris Hoppek is a artist, painter and photographer I very much admire and feel a kinship with. He photographs nudes, and clothes them with the surreal and the bizarre. Where others might objectify he confounds and delights in his portrayal of the pin-up and porn. Imagine if David Lynch was a small Japanese cartoon character instead of a Hollywood director. He makes a very good hairy vinyl vagina too.

Not content with knitting bimbos he produces Lavagina – a magazine of ironic erotica. Naturally I had to have a copy.

Lavagina 01 and Lavagina 02 can be read online, but come one, admit it, you really want to get your hands on your own Lavagina 03

Order Lavagina

A minor gripe, one the reasons I delayed in purchasing Nude Paper was trying to source a UK outlet for the magazine. As seems very common when purchasing internet magazines the postage can double the price. Nude paper is a very reasonable €8, plus €4.50 for it’s plain brown wrapper. Lavagina a bargain €6 but €10 to smuggle it into the UK.

Print publishing is a costly business and whilst willing to finance beauty that can be held between the palms, a tenner to receive it adds a sting to the tail (Apparently there is a postage standard called printed matter which is far cheaper). I for one would be willing to wait a little extra for my cheap parody of porn if I could save a bit on packing. Consider it foreplay.

Flesh Coloured featured on Barry Mag

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Skin coloured
London, July 2010

Another panel from my triptych “Skin deep” has been picked up and featured on Barry  Mag.

I admit their title gave me a double take, until I realised they meant it in a good way.


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London, July 2010

A panel from the “Skin deep”  triptych


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The Jungian Woods, June 2010

Ne te promène donc pas toute nue! – Issue 1 published

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The online review of nude photography Ne te promène donc pas toute nue! have published their first printed issue collating the best work from the web site. As previously mentioned I’m delighted to be included amongst such good company as Lina Scheynius, Logan White, Olivia Malone and Richard Kern.

Previews and a listing of all 89 photographers can be found at

Copies cost £17.36 including a £2 donation to help breast cancer research, purchased fromène-donc-pas-toute-nue-▼1/10918453.

Ne te promene donc pas toute nue – a nude curation

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Ne te promene donc pas toute nue – do not go around naked – is scrapbook of contemporary nude photography. And another lesson in posting something when you see it. I bookmarked the site at first glance, twice, the first reason being content. Nude photography walks a fine line when you are sourcing from the internet, Emeric who runs the scrapbook has a very tasteful eye picking exactly the sort of 70’s into-the-sun flake advert playful naivety I like.

A kind of fashion magazine version of Synthetic pubes.

The other bookmark was in my list of art sites to post about, which I am now doing. Slightly embarrassed because my work has been requested to feature in their forthcoming book, which implies I am only mentioning them for self-publicity. I have no shame but regardless of my involvement I want to recommend Ne te promene donc pas toute nue as  great curation. Nice collating Emeric, thank you.


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London, March 2010

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