Plaster #11 (Padding) – a new Skintones portrait

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Plaster #11 (Padding)
London, August 2011
A portrait from the Skintones series

Blondiraq shows off my nipples

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Blondiraq models my nipple badges

Blondiraq runs an extremely good tumblr/blog… not sure what to call a posterous: is it a tumblr? Like a ballpoint pen being a biro, or a Dyson being a hoover. I digress.

Blondiraq runs an extremely good tumblr covering nudity in the arts, and sometimes nudity not in the arts. Recently she’s become a photographer herself as well. Which is handy in my case since she’s kindly sent me a photograph of my nipple badges on their new home, and very much at home they look.

Thank you Ms B.

Abîme by Blondiraq

Abîme by Blondiraq, more of her work available on her tumblr, although if it continues to be as good as this I think a dedicated site would be in order.

On sale now – Nipple Badges

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On sale now

Julian Baker’s Nipple Badges

Series #1
“Blondie” Nipple Badges
Limited numbered edition of 100 badge packs, signed by the artist

2 full colour 38mm badges
Signed and numbered header card

£5.00 per pack available from

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