Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville

Posted in caught, sought by juliobesq on April 23, 2012

As if the four minute intro till the bass drops in La Ritournelle or the video for Look wasn’t enough, now we have Cochon Ville.

Behold. A Dionysian God of disco sex. Bakkheia indeed.

Spring – a mixtape

Posted in brought, caught by juliobesq on April 6, 2011

Sun rays hit our face. Tastes simplify, no need for darkened dance rooms, own up…radio on…pop music.

Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix) Alex Winston
California Sunrise Dirty Gold
Heart To Tell The Love Language
My Name Is Trouble Keren Ann
Oh Hark (Aeons Remix) Lisa Mitchell
Bones (Live) Misty Miller
Rebel Yell de montevert

Melt mixtape

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New decade, like some neo Darwinistic arms race music mutates on; it’s a post dubstep world I’m told. Star Slinger, Darkstar and James Blake intervene amongst others.

The Streets black swan song

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The Streets fifth and final album “Computers and Blues” – a fitting black swan song.
Farewell. The sound of my city.

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Émigré mixtape

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on December 12, 2010

There exists certain things that don’t neatly fit into pigeon holes, that move in different circles. Perhaps they can find shelter with each other.

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Spceco – Silent Night

Posted in caught by juliobesq on December 8, 2010

Lipstick and Bullets mixtape

Posted in brought, wrought by juliobesq on December 1, 2010

Lipstick and Bullets
December 2010

I mean happy is all well and good but as these December nights draw in we seek something a little darker side to warm our souls: songs for fires and nightshade.

Skinglue – a mix

Posted in brought by juliobesq on August 22, 2010

Summer may be dying on its feet but we ain’t going out like that.

Cee-Lo Green is going to be all over the internet by, well, today, but that’s not stopping me posting. Get used to it because I reckon you’re going to hear the rest of the summer long. Pariah, Pinballsound and Disclosure add some dubstep, topped with Shangaan disco (the next big thing?) and oldskol Ghanian Hiplife.

Sweet Vinegar

Posted in brought, wrought by juliobesq on August 2, 2010

Maverick. Eccentric.
Crossing boundaries and swimming in ponds.
Floating on breezes and staying in bed.
Summer chillfolkpop.

3 x 8tracks

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on May 29, 2010

When Daniel Eacott, co-creator of indexhibit – the software that runs my site – say “make something” I’m sure he’s referring to the physical; been time poor recently but have managed to foster three playlists…

At a certain pace

bbmm bbm bbrmm bmm bbmm bbmm bbrmm bmm ad infinitum
(Clue? Sébastien Tellier, Tegan & Sara, Grandadbob…)

Cones and Spirals

Mung or meld of favourite themes: folktronica snogs chillwave tongues nudisco rubbed all over with dubstep light (dubskip?). Or stick a big shiny pink pop sticker on it.


Stone cold classics: nothing too obscure: a man, or a woman, the dark hour of the night, the human condition, dragged along with guitar or piano. Buckleys, Drakes and Parsons should tell you which heartland we’re heading into… (Tissues optional)

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Black Holes – Stone Cold Baby

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on March 3, 2010

Received a copy of The Black Holes debut release, adorned by my photography. But that’s not the point – the thing worth actually mentioning is that it’s great. In a rather downcast, darkcore, not exactly having the best of times, sort of way.

But don’t let that put you off.

Here’s the track ‘Little Piece’ which encapsulates their broodingly opulent sound.

Buy a copy for a tenner direct from, more information from the Electric Label or their myspace page. Lush stuff.

A full underwater body massage whilst eating bitter chocolate

Mixtape: the movie

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on February 5, 2010

Mixtape - a film by Luke Snellin

By the frequency of my posts eulogising the 8tracks site you will know my appreciation for the art of the mixtape. Would you let a computer algorithm pick what you are going to wear? So why let it choose what you listen to. Before going any further, lest we forget, let us pay respect to Muxtape who gave us the first mixtape site before legal botherers shut them down (a happy ending: they are back, but as an official artist showcase).

London has many delights, one of the more obscure being FilmFriendsForver, a movie club which shows up and coming shorts at the Queen of Hoxton for just a few quid per screening. That’s films with good music and drinking inbetween, hell, you can even drink at the bar during the films. A great evening evening out and they are lovely people to boot.

At their Best of 2009 screening I caught ‘Mixtape’ which is simple, sweet and fabulous. Like the closing line of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity it will put a great big gooey smile on your face. Made by Luke Snellin, I was delighted to find it online, and so am now able to share the joy, watch it and bring out your inner soppiness.

And if we are discussing stories with emotional heart This zine will change your life have a high calibre entry this month with Sally Weigel’s ‘Sometimes It’s Hard’, a story with a zing in it’s tale. Recommended reading.

To wrap it all up I could hardly bow out this post without ending with, well, a mixtape…

My offering left of field acoustic, mainly covers, post-coital good for the bedroom, which could be reason enough for a lint pun. You’re going to sing, you’re going to cry, you’re going out crazy as fuck. Featuring punk arse balladeers (particularly if you make it to the end).

Readybrek – an 8tracks mix

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on January 24, 2010

Somewhere in a part of me it always remains summer. Going to where the weather suits my clothes. Word has reached me that the disco return is well under way, the mix starts there then slips in something more chillwave comfortable, fumbling through dubstepish house. I think.

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This zine will change your life

Posted in caught by juliobesq on January 6, 2010

Litzines are made for the internet, no more stealing paper and toner from work. No more lurking by the photocopier. With digital publishing the notion of the issue dissolves slightly, 3am runs continuously, adding content at whim (great story by Alan McCormick just added), it is perhaps becoming the heavyweight contender with advertising and an editorial team.

Others soldier on as labours of love for as long as unrequited desire permits, Dogmatika is no longer active, a shame, but the printscape is constantly shifting with titles coming and going (Corium Magazine looks promising). The ease of electronic publishing does not however guarantee a satisfying read: the relentlessness of reading submissions, a good eye for a fluid aesthetic layout, the dedication to publish regularly. All of this is required, and wrought just for the love. And the love of literature at that. Not the bar-soaked slutty drug-fueled sticky shallow love that one could choose to pursue instead, to endure those unnoticed unrewarded dark hours of the lonely night. (note to self…)

There are some great litzines and their editor’s love and toil should be reciprocated, but in a strictly fluidless way mind. Ben Tanzer produces This Zine Will Change Your Life. It’s good. What I really like about it is his approach to the issue.

New editions are alerted via RSS or email, consisting of a single page: a story or a few poems; an mp3; and illustrative photography. No need to navigate, a little expresso hit, in-tray manageable. Building into a good body of work if you want to trawl the archives, Chris Killen is in there for example.

So here’s a shout-out for that zine, bookmark or subscribe.

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Icing Sugar and Ginger Tears

Posted in brought, wrought by juliobesq on December 11, 2009

I admit it, I’m getting that tingly feeling, etiquette must allow us to mention the c word by now. A Christmas playlist, a companion mix to last year’s Snow Fever. Slightly different mood this year, not because of lack of  inner elf, more that new quality seasonal songs aren’t that copious for a 8track each year (you may spot a 70s classic in there).
Eight Christmas songs on the reflective side. Not obscure but not exactly that popular either. (p.s. in December the lovely Slow Club sing it as “it’s Rudolph, it’s Rudolph, why can’t you see…”)

Joy Orbison

Posted in caught by juliobesq on December 3, 2009

Isn’t it great when you hear a new tunesmith whose music excites. Joy Orbison is ticking all my boxes at the moment. Curiously none of the blogs can pigeon-hole the genre, no offense but the dance fan-boys get pretty train-spotter about whether something is UK funky or dubstep or…

But Joy Orbison is confounding labeling, it reminds me of the original Balearic mixes, in the way it mashes together a host of dance styles into something joyous that takes both the feet and the mind on a journey. Ibiza 2.0 seems like a good tag for now. posted this mix

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Playlist triptych

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on November 29, 2009

Reading ‘Red Men’ by Matthew De Abiatua – a near future farce on marketing and consumerism – the protagonist is analysed by software and his tastes served up exactly. Whilst user spending profiling is with us, and I don’t want to start getting all paranoid and muttering about living “off grid”, there are some things that algorithms can’t quite pass muster at.

Playlists being one: Genius Bar from Apple, and thesixtyone all work quite well but they rely on genre tags, customer also likes and similar. What makes a great mixtape is the throwing in of something unexpected; out of character but which just makes perfect sense. A bridge between worlds. No point in getting too philosophical here, Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’ covers the ground well enough.

8tracks are made by humans (actually this post is a kind of repeat of one a few months a go so I will cut to the chase, to the drop), it’s a great source of discovering new tunes so I felt duty bound to return something to the pool and slung together a triptych of mixes – each a very different flavour. Hope something catches.

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Barbed Wire Love

Posted in brought, caught by juliobesq on October 23, 2009

Blasted by your booby traps
I felt the blow in both knee-caps
Your eyes did shine
Your lips were fine
And the device in you pants was out of sight

All you give me is barbed wire love
All caught up in barbed wire love
Tangled up in barbed wire love
Throw my leg over barbed wire love
Barbed wire love snags my jeans


Thirty years a go Stiff Little Fingers released ‘Inflammable Material’, featuring their incendiary paean to teenage lust ‘Barbed Wire Love’: a raw marriage of punk and doo-wop.

Both musical movements share another legacy, that of prolific reproduction. Punk with it’s do-it-yourself aesthetic and a fan base centred around live gigs with direct contact to the groups, spawned for a short while a huge number of record releases. Anyone who saved enough money from their Saturday job could put out a record. And with Geoff Travis deciding to form Rough Trade to wrest control of distribution away from the majors anyone had a chance too.

But independent record production has an unsung birth, in the vocal harmony groups of the 40s and 50s, a genre which became popularised as Doo-Wop. Across America in black neighbourhoods groups of friends would gather and vocal harmonise together. With no musical instruments and need for overdubs or mixing levels these groups found it simple to to pitch up at a recording studio, complete their song in a single take, and purchase a pressing of perhaps a hundred records. It is estimate that over it’s 25 year span doo-wop gave birth to 30,000 songs. Shaaa-bop!

The 70s saw a revival in vocal harmonies (Manhattan Transfer anyone?) and Stiff Little Fingers ripped the pastiche apart from the inside and hurled it into present. Their blue print lay dormant for thirty years till Glasvegas picked up the mantle.

Punk was largely posturing and the main players sang of revolution but it was SLF coming up from the streets of Belfast who gave anger of revolt it’s true voice. Buy the album from and listen to the righteous paint-blistering anger of Suspect Device. And then there is their finest moment…

People occasionally cover a Bob Marley song, and usually with a ‘why bother’ result. To equal Saint Bob is something, but to better him…? SLF take Rita Marley’s ‘Johnny Was’ and transpose the senseless shooting of the protagonist from the electoral violence of Jamaica’s Kingston to the occupation and civil war in Northern Ireland. Shedding along the way any pretence of authenticity of reggae and playing it out it a white heat of guitar noise. Still, when Jake Burns rasps “a single shot shot rings out in the Belfast night” the hairs on my neck stand on end, thirty years on.

Is it that good? Buy the album and see for yourself.

Bottle of wine

Posted in caught by juliobesq on September 28, 2009
Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is quite old now but I didn’t catch it until a couple of weeks a go. I really like it.

(And it answers that nagging question: what would Belle and Sebastian sound like if Liam Gallagher fronted them?)

It’s by Pigeon Horse Sex Tennis, you can download it for free from

Appearing at Burst festival

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on May 11, 2009

Hot on the heels of my pecha kucha debut at Peachy Coochie I am flattered to be asked to cooch it again. David Gale brings his night of 20 slides for 20 seconds to the Burst Festival at Battersea Arts Centre. So I shall be doing a rerun.

Can you be heckled about typefaces? Seems the answer is yes since I was asked “Where is microgramma?” Pecha Kucha is an unforgiving format, in the end old favourites had to go in favour of a broad historical overview. All of this will make perfect sense if you have seen the presentation, or indeed come along to

Peachy Coochie Nites: Reason For Living
Battersea Arts Centre
Lavender Hill, SW11 5TN
15 May 2009, 9pm
£5.00 Book tickets

The omission of microgramma could be deemed ironic given I used it as the base in creating the logo for Spceco.




Coming across like an infusion of My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins, Spceco are purveyors of nugaze, or dreampop to you. Their debut album is out and can be purchased by paying as little or as much as you want. They, like a lot of bands have come to the realisation that revenue streams don’t come from CDs anymore. The topic is too broad to diverge into here but the band have written about their feelings on the subject. Stateside people can buy an actual CD from here. Personally I make a habit of seeing any band I like play live so dosh goes into their pocket, least one can do.

Below is their fantastic single “You’re alright” which can be brought from iTunes.

And speaking of playing live, I am delighted to be sharing the stage with John Hegley on Friday, perhaps a much better reason to purchase a ticket.

Nineteen year exposure

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on April 5, 2009

Today there was closure.

Five months ago a taxi returned a cardboard box containing the detritus I had left forgotten in an old studio. At the bottom amongst artwork and proofs lay the unused slides from a session I had shot for a record sleeve by the group See See Rider back in 1990.

Holding the transparencies up to the window I was struck by the richness, the depth, the wonderful analogue grain of film and resolved on the spot to abandon my digital camera. Within a week a Holga had arrived and my enthusiasm for photography rekindled.

My curiosity was also piqued with regard to whatever had happened to See See Rider. They were the favourite of all the bands I designed for, going beyond a working relationship, marking me a proper fan-boy: I still regularly play their EPs to this day. You probably haven’t heard of them, being probably the most criminally underrated group of the nineties (although No Man could also claim heir to the title).

Fronted by lead male and female vocalists, with a mini Keith Moon on drums they were for me, the essence of rock and roll. Songs about sex and drugs, hell, on sex on drugs, with no loyalty to any one style or genre. A fiercely intelligent song writer whose conversation would veer from porn to literature and back; perhaps you can see why I loved them. Tweedy their drummer was like hanging with all four Beatles at once. The only news I had of them was a couple of chance meetings with the other vocalist who became a fine art curator after they split.

During the months between designing the two EP sleeves I happened across a semi-detatched being renovated. The gutted parlour with it’s cane chair spoke to me of some dilapidated 70’s Performancesque glamour, tinged with overtones of a mock sexological test, the kind where you describe yourself as a path, a room, a wood. It struck me as being so very See See Rider. With the forthcoming album in mind I returned to photograph the house. That album was never to be, the record label disintegrated, the group moved on, and I was left with only my memory of some great songs from the handful of gigs they played.

Google is like magic. A few finger clicks later and it was revealed that a web site had recently been created about them. Outlining their brief career with a discography.  I was amazed to see there, nineteen years later, the unreleased album available to download free, legally, as high quality mp3. At the time spurred on by the fact that Hallelujah had just hit number one and Jeff Buckley’s band of alt country was back in favour, I was going to post a little entry pointing to it, with a few words on how incredible these songs still sound. But I never did. (We shall forgo the fact that Hallelujah is really a Leonard Cohen song). 

One of the reasons that See See Rider failed to set the world on light may have been their scant regard for the fashions of the time and instead playing some form of twisted Glam Country Soul, whoever uploaded the album had tagged the tracks ‘Eccentric Country Rock’. These tracks even as demos still sound fantastic, Gram Parsons gets a baby oil fisting from Suzi Quatro while Bolan riffs on wearing only see-thru plastic pants, perhaps accepting a line, toke or blowjob from Lou Reed. I surmise that by never being in fashion one never becomes dated.

I still have that transparency I shot intending to be on the sleeve, wouldn’t it be quite an act of closure if it were to be embedded in the mp3 tracks. The site is nothing to do with any members of the group so it has taken a while to track one of them down and email them the image. But today I received an email from the singer saying he would be delighted to use the image for the download. After nineteen years the photograph has finally come home.

You can download both the EPs and the album from I’m not sure if or when the hand that graces the web site will upload updated mp3s with the image in place, so in the meantime help yourself here to the ‘new’ cover image in either PNG or JPEG format. Below is ‘White Flake Elite’ to whet your appetite.

* Technically it should be a nineteen year development not exposure, but that’s not such a snappy title.

Happy Year End

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on December 31, 2008

An exceptional year. There are two rules about blogging that in my mind should be adhered to: not writing about blogging and not writing about oneself. Which doesn’t leave a lot does it? And I have seem to have broken both of them.

But who doesn’t love lists? To celebrate the last twelve months here are twelve songs released this year that I have played to death.

And because I heart lists here in the words of the much missed Spalding Gray are twelve things that encapsulate “perfect moments” from the past year.


peeling apples in one long strip

homemade gingerbread

the smell of early morning meadow

skating on ice

england’s fields from a train

bread fresh from the oven

running through autumn leaves

harbour lights

opening packets of wetware photos

giant mechanical spiders


mint tea

Snow Fever

Posted in caught, wrought by juliobesq on December 5, 2008

Muxtape is dead, long live Muxtape. Before moving on let’s all give thanks to Justin Ouellette for creating it and inspiring the alternatives, my favourite of which is 8track.

Yes it’s Chriiiiiiistmas, and the black santa hat is staying on till Boxing Day. Not in the mood yet? Bah humbug, I give you Snow Fever —
Juliobesq’s eight tracks of Christmas and doo wop

The love is alive and well on 8track but if you want to hunt further alternatives Wired have this informative post.

spiritual thievery

Posted in brought, sought, wrought by juliobesq on October 4, 2008

Bands are like buses.

You wait months for a good one to play live then two come along at once.

Add to the perils of internet shopping buying tickets for concerts on the same night. A likely event if you rush on the heads-up start the excellent gives you with it’s early warning announcement service.

Yes, I have tickets for both The Thievery Corporation and Spiritualized. No, I can’t multiverse to both gigs.

But thanks to the joys of technology you can now witness what hearing both groups playing at once would sound like. An aside to any lawyers, if it offends I’ll remove.

PS What’s with venues stating a curfew time, have we all got ASBOs now?

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