Dog Ear publish “Fumble mouth”

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Dog Ear publish Fumble mouth by Julian Baker

Hand on heart, I didn’t say those nice things about the bookmark that thinks it’s a magazine that thinks it’s a bookmark that thinks it’s a…. only because I knew this was going to happen…

Dog Ear publish my tiny fiction “Fumble mouth”.

I said them because I meant it, and sent the tale in after my post, honestly. So kiddies, just goes to show, no harm comes from saying nice things about nice people making nice stuff.

Thank you Dog Ear.

Magazine watch – Dog Ear

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Issue 4 of Dog Ear. A magazine. No. A bookmark. no. A magazine...

Issue 4 of Dog Ear. A magazine. No. A bookmark. no. A magazine…

Dog-ear — or Donkey-ear if you’re German — or Pig-ear if you’re South African — is a bookmark that thinks like a magazine, or a magazine that can used as a bookmark. Either way, like the equally wonderful Matchbook Stories, it’s a object that proves the maxims “more than a mouthful goes to waste” and my favourite “a simple idea done well”.

Nine panels, each with a cherry picked short story, poem or illustration to stop you folding the page down. I eat with my elbows on the table. I drink cappuccinos after eleven. I have even poured white wine into a glass that previously held red. But the line is very firmly drawn at creasing the page corner over. Thank you Pete and Joe.

It’s free from stockists listed on the site, or being egalitarian a printable pdf is provided to make your own. The Tattered Page Liberation Front starts here.

For those wondering, Matchbook Stories is the creation of Kyle Petersen who publishes a super short story of not more than 300 characters inside a matchbook cover. I would be a very happy literary arsonist but it’s impossible to get a book unless you live Stateside. No mailbag fires and Fedex wont ship matches.

My story “Foundation” was short listed for Issue one, read it on the site.

If we’re being inclusive I ought to give a shout-out to Stack, a service that posts you a fresh independent magazine once a month. The wonderfulness doesn’t stop there, like a tangerine in a Christmas stocking they are prone to popping a present into the bottom of the envelope. Which is where Dog-ear raised its head. Stack will be solving my present list come December.

I sense a new game… Bookmark, Matchbook, Rack.

Featured in Juxtapoz and Alricon

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My work has been featured in two online magazines recently.

There is something pleasantly surprising to find a mention of yourself in a publication that one actually reads. Juxtapoz is a printed art magazine that also curates an online space showcasing more outsider aspects, which now includes a selection from my Skintones series. Well worth following besides it just featuring me.

Alrincon is a site which knows what side of the art-or-porn debate it’s on. Clue: it’s not art. So when my work was mentioned I was a little hesitant but the review is surprising pleasant. To save you clicking through here is the salient part…

No all photographers look for hot and beautiful girls. Some go further and look for something more deep. Photographers who try to capture the soul, the spirit, the inner… tell a story. Julian Baker, for example…

… under a headline of “Julian Baker doesn’t take photos of models, he shoots people”. In fact it’s one of the more thoughtful things that’s been said about me in a blog, so thank you Alrincon.

Magazine watch – Baron paperback

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Baron paperback

Normally I have to muster forth with something pithy and witty to write about a new magazine title that my palms are itching to hold and gently peel apart. But not so for Baron, for their copy is too good not to just speak for itself…

Enter Baron, The Erotic Paperback Magazine for gentlemen and ladies who enjoy a cocktail, chit chatting about modern art, fine dressing and when the lights faint and the gin runs out, become connoisseurs at taking their companion into bed. When the curtains are drawn, their companion close by, a delicious set of under garments are exposed, a camcorder pulled from beneath the four poster bed and a pair of bespoke leather handcuffs revealed. Meet Baron, at the core of human desire, to be read in one hand and never left to gather dust. Issue One stars the charming adult entertainers Paige Turner, Syren Sexton and Zex, Baron explores The Pubic Wars – Playboy versus Penthouse, bonds with the very delightful film director Bruce LaBruce, drinks tea with a Madam and discusses double penetration with gay porn star Colby Keller. Baron uncovers the Last Peep Show in Soho and chats film making with the UK biggest adult entertainers, Harmony. The issue is brimming with tantalizing art and fashion from the worlds finest perverts: Adrian Wilson, Aids 3-D, Anne de Vries, Antje Peters, Aaron McElroy, Bill Durgin, Blommers/Schumm, Bruce LaBruce, Michael Grieve, Pedro Ramos, Pinar Yolacan, Robi Rodriguez and our cover star, the gifted photographer Qui Yang.

… I’ve got mine, get yours

Their web home

Poke them if that’s the sort of thing you like doing

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Magazine fetish – Sex and Design, Acne Paper

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Acne paper Issue No 13 The Body | Sex + Design: Foreplay

The magazine’s continuing war against my wallet, just ordered…

Acne Paper Issue No13 The Body
I’ll admit it, it was actually hearing editor Thomas Persson’s sexy voice that made me want to buy. Perhaps all magazines should be made to have audio introduction by their creatives. Acne appear to actually be a fashion label, Swedish Acne Studios, unlike Vice and American Apparel which appear to be co-joined in some sort of way, Acne is a direct product of the clothing company but intriguingly isn’t about fashion specifically. There’s a lot of art and photography including a favourite of mine Malerie Marder, with essays interspersed.

There’s a large selection of pages online to browse through just small enough so you can’t read the copy. I only hope the hard copy has that yummy shiny-paper offset-litho-printed smell so Persson and his crew can stimulate all my senses (I’ve yet to lick the page).

Sex + Design: Foreplay

Meant to include this is my last round-up of new titles I desire. I’ve followed Sex+Design’s blog for a while so was intrigued when they announced a physical version. To pluck three disparate contributors from the debut issue “Foreplay” (see what they did there?) you get: JT LeRoy, author of “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”; Eine, the graffiti artist who has brightened up my neighbourhoods; Fox Harvard the prolific but always fresh nude photographer, I particularly like the way he sees no difference between film and Instagram. How could it not be a win? Still saving since postage to home is as much as the cover price.

Rong—Wrong reading at The Bokship

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Rong-wrong contents

The inaugural edition of Rong—Wrong which features my short piece on The Pocket is to be presented and possibly read from at the rather splendid bookshop Bokship .

Due to commitments as they say I won’t be personally reading but my voice may be heard muttering in the background via the technological power of mp3.


Rong—Wrong Volume No.1 (presentation and reading)
6–9 pm

X Marks the Bokship
210/Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ

Further and repeating information here.

Interview and feature in 180 magazine

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180 Magazine covers art and fashion photography, the current issue features a selection of my work along with a brief interview. I would naturally be delighted by such attention but extra pleasure comes from being included alongside Dido Fontana and Alva Bernadine. Good company indeed.

Nothing But The Truth – a Tumblr magazine

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Jimmy Gerrard is a photographer who makes me think of a bastard son from Richard Billingham and Terry Richardson. He’s one of the reasons I like being on Flickr.

Ben John Smith is a poet from Melbourne. You know when you ask a literary friend to help write a poem to woo a girl with? He’s not that sort.

Together they have started a Tumblr type magazine thing called Truth. There’ll be pictures (quite a lot of naked girls) from Jimmy and words from Ben. And perhaps stuff from other people. What I like about it is: it’s a joint venture mixing different things; it uses a ‘lazy’ magazine format of Tumblr; the logo.

I think more people should share their portfolio with from someone from a different medium. I don’t care for poetry a great deal (except Anne Baker’s but I’m biased), however without Jimmy’s photography I wouldn’t have found Ben’s poetry. Here’s the first thing I read and it struck immediate bone.


If my best friend became retarded, I wouldn’t know what to do about it all.  I mean, like, if he was injured in a car accident or had a brain haemorrhage and was permanently – mentally impaired, I’d like to think our friendship wouldn’t change.  Maybe if we went to the movies I could buy him an ice cream and he could wait in the bathroom while I watched the film.  What if you had to go to a party but you wanted to get drunk and fuck some fat chicks.  You couldn’t cause he would always be around acting retarded and shit.  If he needed to poop you would have to take him and wash his butt and shit like that.  You couldn’t act different because his mum would get mad at you and every one would think you’re shallow.  What would his Facebook profile be? The old him or the new him?  What if I became retarded?  This growing old and doing shit scenario is a bloody big waste of time if you ask me, I bet your retarded friend wouldn’t even want to hang out with you he would just be doing cool imaginary things inside his retarded head and it would be way wilder than hanging out with you or watching movies and fucking fat chicks.

I actually think I’m going to buy a book of poetry, Horror Sleaze Trash from here

You want to be visiting here –

Brian Sergio Year 1 – a ‘zine

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 Skatetown by Brian Sergio

Brian Sergio Year 1 - a 'zine | Skatetown by Brian Sergio

Brian Sergio is a photographer and artist working out of the Philippines. Remember how I said I loved people who make things? Well, Brian’s printed up a ‘zine of snaps and stuff done over the last year. This sort of behaviour has to be encouraged, yes?

Ordered my copy, more news when it arrives…

Available from

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Pure Filth – a ‘zine

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PUREFILTH™ issue 2.5 | PUREFILTH™ BlackDream Ink

PUREFILTH is a quarterly publication focusing on the art of photographing girls, and graffiti. We aim to feature new models and photographers that are making quality work that differs from the norm, and stimulates the senses.
We devote our pages for the memories on film (or digital) of the antics of prolific graffiti artists, narrowing our scope to raw street painting, sketches, works in progress, and images that give a sense of how the writer lives and works.
Each issue is dedicated to one model, and one artist, and is produced in a high-quality 8.5×11 format, and enclosed in a custom printed re-sealable bag..
Edition of 50, signed and numbered.
48 pages, black and white, full color cover.
Includes hand-pulled screen-print, #1-#24 come with an additional mystery gift.

I think it’s run by Mr Glass. It features unclothed females. What am I doing posting magazines like this? Exploitation? There’s an interesting quirk of our modern post-feminist times, issue 2.5 features Ms.Michelle by Fox Harvard whom I believe are a couple, likewise issue 1.5 with Quinn Cornchip shot by the afore mentioned Mr Glass, yes, another couple.

Besides, I love people who make things. Saving my pennies. If my voice counts for anything my vote for issue 3.5 goes to the fashion photographer Sorri and his girlfriend.

Oh, and there’s black ink and t-shirts too. All available from

Featured in Devora Ran magazine

Posted in brought, caught, sought, wrought by juliobesq on May 20, 2011

Devora  Ran is “sex culture magazine” publish in Spanish and English. It is excellent. I am an avid fan.

So it is with considerable delight that I can announce the latest issue has a little feature on my work.

You can read it online but I urge you to buy a copy, in fact not just a copy but the back issues as well. I have them. They are beautifully produced and printed, containing interviews and articles as well nudie pics – a feast for the mind and eyes. Probably the sort of journal you’re meant to imagine when some one tells you they only buy Playboy for the writing.

They have a blog too.

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The Pocket commissioned by Rong–Wrong magazine

Posted in caught, thought, wrought by juliobesq on February 18, 2011

Rong-Wrong is new literary periodical being published out of Amsterdam, the premier issue should roll of the presses come May.

Named in honour of Marcel Duchamp’s short-lived magazine, it is concerned with the “poeticisation of phenomenology”, a lovely phrase, or in more everyday language – the essential meaning of something. As Roger-Pol Droit asks, “How are things?”.

For my particular thing I was asked to contribute a subjective view of the pocket.

Further information and where to obtain a copy will be announced on their website:

Although it has absolutely nothing to do with my article what so ever, I would like to end with something from my favourite poet, Anne Baker.

An Englishman’s home
Piles of stone
and brick
Mezzanine floor
Big front door
For sale
To buy
This property ladder
Couldn’t be madder
The obsession
for possession
and why?

I read that in some Kenyan state
a pocket in your trousers
Is your
real estate

Droga – a free emag

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Children are joy by Sivan Hurvitz, via Droga emag

Droga posted themselves on my Facebook page (because I let the love in from strangers).

They say “Droga Magazine: is a web based magazine that brings the finest works in photography, illustration, typography, street arts, fashion and many more. The periodicity is bimonthly. Download it for free.”

But I’m posting because the world can not have enough illustration.

There’s also some fabulous photography too, but like the song of the unaccompanied voice is there anything as graceful as the marks from a human hand.

Download Droga Magazine

King’s College Choir – Thomas Tallis – Spem in alium
Apologies for  naughty copyright posting, but really, if you haven’t heard this take 12 minutes out from your life.
Play loud and undisturbed.

See also: Janet Cardiff’s Forty Part Motet

Ballad Of… magazine feature Bourdoir

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Ballad Of… magazine have just featured my Boudoir series. Of their descriptions ”nitty gritty” is the one I think I’ll mention…

Thank you Ballad Of… for the love.

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Posted in brought by juliobesq on July 29, 2010

Very excited as to what the mailbag will bring in the next few days.

As Nude Paper have just announced that the second issue is rolling off the press any day now, it seemed highly prudent to grab a copy of the premier issue while still in stock. It pertains to be a fashion magazine for the underdressed and oversexed. Mine’s in the post.

Nude Paper Blog | Order Nude Paper

Boris Hoppek is a artist, painter and photographer I very much admire and feel a kinship with. He photographs nudes, and clothes them with the surreal and the bizarre. Where others might objectify he confounds and delights in his portrayal of the pin-up and porn. Imagine if David Lynch was a small Japanese cartoon character instead of a Hollywood director. He makes a very good hairy vinyl vagina too.

Not content with knitting bimbos he produces Lavagina – a magazine of ironic erotica. Naturally I had to have a copy.

Lavagina 01 and Lavagina 02 can be read online, but come one, admit it, you really want to get your hands on your own Lavagina 03

Order Lavagina

A minor gripe, one the reasons I delayed in purchasing Nude Paper was trying to source a UK outlet for the magazine. As seems very common when purchasing internet magazines the postage can double the price. Nude paper is a very reasonable €8, plus €4.50 for it’s plain brown wrapper. Lavagina a bargain €6 but €10 to smuggle it into the UK.

Print publishing is a costly business and whilst willing to finance beauty that can be held between the palms, a tenner to receive it adds a sting to the tail (Apparently there is a postage standard called printed matter which is far cheaper). I for one would be willing to wait a little extra for my cheap parody of porn if I could save a bit on packing. Consider it foreplay.

Stack, Coppola and Miranda

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Stack offerings Fire & Knives | All-Story

A little walk from distribution, along a magazine, reaching a story.

I recently came across Stack or as they put it //STACK, one of those ideas so fantastically simple you wonder why it was never done before. Each month for a subscription fee Stack send you an example issue from a range of magazines culled from around the world. Vaguely left field independently published titles, the kind unlikely to be found down the corner shop news agents.

From among the  smorgasbord of possibilities being offered a taster of Fire & Knives is a very intriguing prospect. Bite before buy, so to speak. The only thing that may stop me from taking up an immediate subscription is opting for just a course of another magazine they offer.

All-Story is a heavyweight fiction affair from Francis Ford Coppola’s Zeotrope stable. Each issue has a guest designer, such luminaries as Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Marilyn Minter and Laurie Anderson. Add to that fiction from Sam Shepard, Ryu Marakami, Haruki Murakami, Andre Dubus… one word: want.

Some of the content is online, like offering kids their first taste in the playground for free. Including a hit from one of my favourites…

The Shared Patio by Miranda July

Carpaccio Magazine photography feature

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on September 24, 2009

Carpaccio magazine

Edition 6 of Carpaccio Magazine – “The New Birth” issue is out featuring a spread of photographs from my Jungian Woods series. Thank you Carpaccio Magazine.

Carpaccio Magazine is a monthly online publication and a quarterly print publication created to promote the work of ‘uncooked’ artists: emerging but very tasty artists.

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