Dog Ear publish “Fumble mouth”

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on November 24, 2013

Dog Ear publish Fumble mouth by Julian Baker

Hand on heart, I didn’t say those nice things about the bookmark that thinks it’s a magazine that thinks it’s a bookmark that thinks it’s a…. only because I knew this was going to happen…

Dog Ear publish my tiny fiction “Fumble mouth”.

I said them because I meant it, and sent the tale in after my post, honestly. So kiddies, just goes to show, no harm comes from saying nice things about nice people making nice stuff.

Thank you Dog Ear.

SubMinder, a writer’s tool

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on January 15, 2010

Introducing ‘SubMinder’, a writer’s tool to help track submissions to publications…

Getting published isn’t always instant, it can involve sending a story to several litzines (those of course who accept simultaneous submissions), and then waiting. You could send it publication by publication after each has responded, though the editorial process isn’t sometimes that quick. You could end up waiting, well, a while, till that joyful email of acceptance arrives.

In practice what happens is a clutch of submissions are emailed, then when the piece is accepted a hunt through the sent-box is required retrieving any remaining editor’s addresses, notifying them of publication elsewhere. Or since nothing’s been heard one wonders wether the litzine is allowed to be sent a gentle enquiry, you think the requisite waiting period is over.

What would be most helpful is someway of monitoring which publication has been sent what story, when, and their reaction, when it comes. In light of Dennis Waterman’s phone number being ex-directory the only solution I could think of was to write a software assistant myself…

Gratis to use for all aspiring authors, it remembers who got what and records the verdict. Spits out email addresses. Keeps a note of dates. Only caveat? Comes as is.

Comments gratefully received, pretty babbles from Amazon even more so.

And if you’re wondering.. Waterman?…

This zine will change your life

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Litzines are made for the internet, no more stealing paper and toner from work. No more lurking by the photocopier. With digital publishing the notion of the issue dissolves slightly, 3am runs continuously, adding content at whim (great story by Alan McCormick just added), it is perhaps becoming the heavyweight contender with advertising and an editorial team.

Others soldier on as labours of love for as long as unrequited desire permits, Dogmatika is no longer active, a shame, but the printscape is constantly shifting with titles coming and going (Corium Magazine looks promising). The ease of electronic publishing does not however guarantee a satisfying read: the relentlessness of reading submissions, a good eye for a fluid aesthetic layout, the dedication to publish regularly. All of this is required, and wrought just for the love. And the love of literature at that. Not the bar-soaked slutty drug-fueled sticky shallow love that one could choose to pursue instead, to endure those unnoticed unrewarded dark hours of the lonely night. (note to self…)

There are some great litzines and their editor’s love and toil should be reciprocated, but in a strictly fluidless way mind. Ben Tanzer produces This Zine Will Change Your Life. It’s good. What I really like about it is his approach to the issue.

New editions are alerted via RSS or email, consisting of a single page: a story or a few poems; an mp3; and illustrative photography. No need to navigate, a little expresso hit, in-tray manageable. Building into a good body of work if you want to trawl the archives, Chris Killen is in there for example.

So here’s a shout-out for that zine, bookmark or subscribe.

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Dogs by Ewan Morrison

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 27, 2009

Holidays are traditionally a time for reading, and since I have broadband whilst away, the less popular pursuit of sorting out my plethora of unreviewed browser bookmarks. Now I am able to combine both these past times in a single post…

Ewan Morrison’s new novel Ménage was published a month a go, I mention this for two reasons. First, he was perhaps the final contributing factor in starting me writing, but secondly and more importantly for the world at large, he has contributed a short story to the online lit-zine Dogmatika.

Read ‘Dogs’ by Ewan Morrison here:


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