Appearing in Lobbiaz photography blog

Posted in caught by juliobesq on April 27, 2011

Curator and photographer Lobbiaz publishes an online photography magazine called unsurprisingly “Lobbiaz Blog”. He recently featured an article on my work under the title “Without Concession” – a description I very much like.

There are also some other words about my portraits but these are in French, if you speak the language read the full article here…

… or amuse yourself with a Google translation, which may not be as poetic by following this link…

Interview on I The God

Posted in caught, wrought by juliobesq on February 16, 2011

I The God, the creative person interview blog have just posted my answers to their questionnaire. It’s worth having a browse through the archive as there are some great artists featured.

Read it here:

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IoNoi – an art blog

Posted in caught by juliobesq on January 10, 2011

Duchamp, Tonsure, 1919 | Marina Abramovich, Biography, 1994 | Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 1996

Along with glitter and vanilla, simplicity is one of my favourite things. IoNoi is an art blog run by the architect and designer Fabio Novembre based on one simple idea, and executed brilliantly.

Take a theme: kissing dogs, ionic columns or the example I posted above “We are all made of stars”. Then post a triptych or diptych of related images from art, photography, design and popular culture. Sometimes duplicity, sometimes repetition, other times inheritance from a common meme.

Highly recommended.

Featured on Art Nudes

Posted in caught, wrought by juliobesq on October 16, 2010

Art Nudes highlights my work…

Quirky, lo-fi and clever photography (and writing and interactive digital, and…)

Thank you Art Nudes, well worth browsing the site, curator Michael Barnes has built an extensive gallery of artists, I’ve discovered a few new names there myself.

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Fantomatik – A gentleman burglar of images

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 30, 2010

Pandora's Box - Susan Meiselas

Fantomatik is a photographic blog run with a dedication and perseverance that I can commend by Franck Jamet, or as he calls himself “gentleman cambrioleur dimages” – a gentleman burglar of images.

Almost everyday for the last sixteen months he has been posting either the work of a single photographer or a small portfolio based upon a theme. We all have our bad hair days and on those a single quirky photograph is hung under the banner Zoum Zoum.

There are two standout reasons for following Fantomatik. When a new art event drops into the consciousness of the online art world you can see the ripples of announcement spread from  blog to blog, governed by who reads who. By featuring often esoteric themes of his own choosing eschews the repetition found in the circulating blogsphere, viz á viz Mystery Twins and Sacred Tattoos. Already interesting, his motif of choice is enriched with an encyclopedic knowledge of photographers: early practitioners, photojournalist giants, fashion mavericks and fine artists all get a look in.

There is a similar breadth of range when picking a single photographer to exhibit. Every Ellen von Unwerth is counterbalanced by showcasing the work of obscurer lens people such as Nathalie Daoust & Susan Meiselas (or maybe it’s just that my knowledge of the medium is much skimpier than I thought).

Franck Jamet, your light fingers are appreciated.

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Perversome – a flickr distillr

Posted in caught by juliobesq on April 19, 2010

Here I am on a battlefield by tetheredto | Stranger series by Benoit P | flower shower (in the garden) by Jan Durina

Flickr really is a macrocosm of humanity. As such it is a thankless task to try sift through its mass. There are routes which active photographers use: joining groups, peer’s favourites, but for the casual observer with an interest in contemporary photography a swathe of quality lies unnoticed beneath the surface.

It can’t be long before the first Flickr superstar emerges. There is a viewpoint that holds having a Flickr account is not a professional proposition, certain art sites who wont except portfolio submissions unless they are held under a ‘real domain’. Ignoring that its format allows it to function as sketch book and private view combined – a valuable tool for developing artists.

Regardless of industry standards the site reaches a lot of people, and like Myspace with Lily Allen and The Arctic Monkeys some of the contributors are bound to reach household status. Fine art contenders for my money include Ashley and Tracy (although they no longer work as a duo) and Jan Durinda (current favourite), Benoit Paille for his continuing strangers portrait series, perhaps Merkley??? for his vibrant and humorous nudes.There are many more Flickr photographers I would like to namecheck but this isn’t the intent of this post.

It would be beneficial if there were a guide to those using it as an exhibition space. The artists I have mentioned are mainly centered across nude photography, Synthetic Pubes does a commendable job of gathering Flickr nudes together and the afore-posted Ne te promene donc pas toute nue, but neither are applicable for those seeking a more general view on contemporary photography.

For that may I recommend Perversome, a livejournal blog that is both meticulous and prodigious in it’s collating of the Flickrverse. As with all exhibitions the content rests with the aesthetics of the curator, the contributor(s) behind Perversome has a broad enough taste to ensure even amongst the emerging themes enough quirks appear to keep it fresh. Although not publicly stated it seems that it is updated via a script that watches favourites from certain accounts – metacuration if you will.

Given the volume and livejournal’s fixed format browsing the RSS feed leads to a more fluid experience:

Pentru Ochi – an art blog

Posted in caught by juliobesq on April 18, 2010

The heading is a misnomer really. Pentru Ochi is too minimalist to be called a blog, more akin to a tumblr. Except it doesn’t share the annoying habit of tumblrs in leaving images unattributed.

Translated from Romanian it means “for eyes” and is curated by Cristi in a wonderfully simple fashion. He posts just one image under the artist’s name, a photograph or illustration, which links through to their website or portfolio.

No words, no explanation, no judgement. If you like… click through.

Well worth bookmarking.

Ne te promene donc pas toute nue – a nude curation

Posted in caught by juliobesq on April 11, 2010

Ne te promene donc pas toute nue – do not go around naked – is scrapbook of contemporary nude photography. And another lesson in posting something when you see it. I bookmarked the site at first glance, twice, the first reason being content. Nude photography walks a fine line when you are sourcing from the internet, Emeric who runs the scrapbook has a very tasteful eye picking exactly the sort of 70’s into-the-sun flake advert playful naivety I like.

A kind of fashion magazine version of Synthetic pubes.

The other bookmark was in my list of art sites to post about, which I am now doing. Slightly embarrassed because my work has been requested to feature in their forthcoming book, which implies I am only mentioning them for self-publicity. I have no shame but regardless of my involvement I want to recommend Ne te promene donc pas toute nue as  great curation. Nice collating Emeric, thank you.

Ignant – an art blog

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 21, 2010

Originally I intended to post about Arjan Benning’s skin alphabet when a friend sent me a link posted on When I browsed the rest of the blog I became impressed with the breadth of the content. In particular how it’s author Clemens Poloczek features work from outside the surrounding art blogsphere.

Too often it is just the artist’s work that gets the attention without realising the effort a blogs curator puts in bringing it to our attention, so a note of thanks to Clemens for his devotion. For it not just aggregating material from other sites, he also runs a Flickr group allowing up and coming illustrators and photographers a chance to showcase their work.

Aside from the aforementioned skin alphabet  I have discovered some great work, Lise Lefebvre’s rugs as pictured above, yarn bombing by Magda Sayeg and hair sculpture by Alice Anderson.


Work by Alice Anderson | Magda Sayeg | Lise Lefebvre

And finally here’s the skin alphabet by Arjan Benning, anyone who has, ahem, played with pegs will know that it’s not a trivial matter, especially when they come off.

Ignant also features Hairvetica by Vladimir Knocar.

Just to be completist here’s the effing typeface by Alex Merto, discovered via Svärta
Effing alphabet by Alex Merto

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Acido Latte – an art blog

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 7, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Michel de Broin’s giant mirrorball installation ‘La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel’ at The Jardin de Luxembourg recreates the night’s starscape which urban lighting obscures.

The cryptically entitled \\\ is a contemporary art blog curated by an Italian designer Angelo Bramanti (I think), reachable at the the more pronounceable

With the majority of art blogs you can trace the genus of new exhibition announcements through the via links under each post, a who reads who. Bramanti seems to cast his eye further a field than the other tumblr galleries I follow and almost always features novel emergent artists.

Détail series by Frederic Fontenoy

Recently through his site I have discovered sculptural work by Gregor Gaida, Michel de Broin and Derick Melander, and photographers Frederic Fontenoy,  Ansen Seale and Ruben Brulat. Each of these artists deserves a post of their own, but without the dedication and enthusiasm of Bramanti I would have been none the wiser to any of their work, and so feel that this entry should be titled in his honour, as a mark of gratitude.

The artists highlighted here are a fraction of those featured in \\\ so I suggest if you appreciate a dose of contemporary art an immediate visit is in order.

Heisenberg Figure by Ansen Seale

Scarecrow returns

Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 1, 2009

Lee Rourke’s online lit-zine ‘Scarecrow’ has returned. And with a bang.

The first six entries feature three authors whose writing I already enjoy. There’s a short story by Will Ashon, author of ‘Clearwater’ – a black consumer-age farce. Chris Killen also contributes a story, his ‘The Bird Room’ is on my reading list and whose blog I regularly read. Tom McCarthy has a more fringe piece included, but what would you expect from the creator of the incisive and elegant ‘Remainder’. Apologies to the authors I haven’t mentioned by name, no criticism intended…

Lee Rourke aside from publishing such a splendid platter is also author of ‘Everyday’.

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Tiny Poems

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 4, 2009

I write tiny fiction, so how could I not send out a big shout to Tiny Poems. OK then, a tiny shout.

Poems on post-it notes. Hiakus for the felt tip age.

via: design crush

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