A portrait of George from the Camden Coffee Shop

Posted in brought, sought, wrought by juliobesq on April 26, 2014

George of The Camden Coffee Shop by Julian Baker

This is George. George prepares my coffee.

Sometime between 9 and 11am, six days a week, since 1978, George opens up his tiny shop just off Camden High Street.

If you’re early and he finds you on the pavement, waiting for him to arrive, you’ll still have to sit outside for ten minutes. Watching him through the door as he puts on his dust coat, lights up the roaster, filling it with the first batch of beans of the day.

So when you walk in, as George retreats betweens the counter, the shop is already pungent with the smell of roasting coffee.

You can choose from nine types of beans. Nothing else. The most popular one kept behind the counter to save George from reaching over. You can’t buy a coffee to drink, or cups or presses, just coffee, as beans. He will grind them for you. That’s it. Hand roasting daily and grinding on demand. Poured into a rubber stamped brown paper bag. The best coffee on sale in London.

Which deserves a portrait don’t you think?

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