Nicholas Royle’s “First Novel” – which isn’t

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on February 15, 2013
First Novel by Nicolas Royle Nicholas Royle portrait by Julian Baker

First Novel by Nicolas Royle | Nicholas Royle portrait by Julian Baker

I received a copy of Nicholas Royle’s new novel “First Novel”, which of course isn’t. It’s his seventh.

I mention this not just because you should be informed and therefore go out – immediately – to buy a copy, but also since it features my portrait of the author on the dust jacket back flap.

The Quietus think it good enough to write about…

Nicholas Royle not only writes wonderfully dark tales but runs Nightjar Press, a venture I much admire for doing many things well: excellent short stories; independent publishing; objects suitable for leaving as a surprise under your lover’s pillow and making things just because one can.

Of “First Novel” The Independent say “This is a novel that demands to be read more than once”. So you could say “I’m reading ‘First Novel’ for the second time”. If you wanted to.

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