Featured in Juxtapoz and Alricon

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 12, 2012

My work has been featured in two online magazines recently.

There is something pleasantly surprising to find a mention of yourself in a publication that one actually reads. Juxtapoz is a printed art magazine that also curates an online space showcasing more outsider aspects, which now includes a selection from my Skintones series. Well worth following besides it just featuring me.

Alrincon is a site which knows what side of the art-or-porn debate it’s on. Clue: it’s not art. So when my work was mentioned I was a little hesitant but the review is surprising pleasant. To save you clicking through here is the salient part…

No all photographers look for hot and beautiful girls. Some go further and look for something more deep. Photographers who try to capture the soul, the spirit, the inner… tell a story. Julian Baker, for example…

… under a headline of “Julian Baker doesn’t take photos of models, he shoots people”. In fact it’s one of the more thoughtful things that’s been said about me in a blog, so thank you Alrincon.

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