Magazine lust

Posted in sought by juliobesq on February 25, 2012

Et Alors | Fixation Mag | Tissue Magazine | No Thoughts

It heartens me somewhat that even with the deluge of blogs and online publications the official figures on the sales on paper based magazines are up along with a record number of new titles. Digital printing has brought in a new wave of fanzine, now in colour rather than Xeroxed.

The downside is acquiring enough pocket money to buy them all. Desired on the internet newsstand right now are…

Et Alors
“A flamboyant magazine”. Very high on my want list. Et Alors comes on like a proper newsagent monthly only full of the sort of the content that never makes it into its vanilla counterparts. Their mission statement – fun, fashion, fetish, art, gender, BDSM, literature, gay, culture, glamour and icons. Saving my pennies as I type.

Fixation Mag
“Our food is pushed out of refrigerators to make room for dark canisters”. Focussing on real film, miffed I missed getting Issue 1 ‘Enamored’ before it sold out but still available as a super cheap PDF, featuring the ubiquitous Fox Harvard.

Tissue Magazine
From Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and Hans Bussert, previously of Nude Paper. Nudes interspersed with missives from the cultural front.

No Thoughts
A black and white A6 publication more in keeping with fanzines of old, featuring a couple of expresso hits each from a large cast including Alexander Bergström, Aaron Feaver, David Richardson, Corrado Dalco, Joseph Story and Synchrodogs amongst many many more.

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