Guy Bourdin at Michael Hoppen Contemporary

Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 14, 2012

Guy Bourdin | Pentax Calendar 1980

A selection of work by Guy Bourdin is on show at the Michael Hoppen Contemporary gallery in Chelsea.

Here’s what they say…

Bourdin, born in Paris in 1928, was one of the most radical and influential fashion photographers of the twentieth century. His unique blend of surreal and erotic imagery filled the pages of international magazines such as French Vogue during the 1970s and also became synonymous with the revolutionary advertising campaigns for Charles Jourdan. Rejecting the typical ‘product’ shot in favour of staging unsettling scenarios that hint at consumption, sex and desire, his photographs sought to shock and play on viewer’s curiosities.

I would say… if you have even the slightest interest in fashion, pop culture, the nude or iconoclastic photography – make the show, it’s on till the 10th of March. It will keep the colour burning in our retinas till the documentary finally makes the light of day.

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