Nothing But The Truth – a Tumblr magazine

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 8, 2011

Jimmy Gerrard is a photographer who makes me think of a bastard son from Richard Billingham and Terry Richardson. He’s one of the reasons I like being on Flickr.

Ben John Smith is a poet from Melbourne. You know when you ask a literary friend to help write a poem to woo a girl with? He’s not that sort.

Together they have started a Tumblr type magazine thing called Truth. There’ll be pictures (quite a lot of naked girls) from Jimmy and words from Ben. And perhaps stuff from other people. What I like about it is: it’s a joint venture mixing different things; it uses a ‘lazy’ magazine format of Tumblr; the logo.

I think more people should share their portfolio with from someone from a different medium. I don’t care for poetry a great deal (except Anne Baker’s but I’m biased), however without Jimmy’s photography I wouldn’t have found Ben’s poetry. Here’s the first thing I read and it struck immediate bone.


If my best friend became retarded, I wouldn’t know what to do about it all.  I mean, like, if he was injured in a car accident or had a brain haemorrhage and was permanently – mentally impaired, I’d like to think our friendship wouldn’t change.  Maybe if we went to the movies I could buy him an ice cream and he could wait in the bathroom while I watched the film.  What if you had to go to a party but you wanted to get drunk and fuck some fat chicks.  You couldn’t cause he would always be around acting retarded and shit.  If he needed to poop you would have to take him and wash his butt and shit like that.  You couldn’t act different because his mum would get mad at you and every one would think you’re shallow.  What would his Facebook profile be? The old him or the new him?  What if I became retarded?  This growing old and doing shit scenario is a bloody big waste of time if you ask me, I bet your retarded friend wouldn’t even want to hang out with you he would just be doing cool imaginary things inside his retarded head and it would be way wilder than hanging out with you or watching movies and fucking fat chicks.

I actually think I’m going to buy a book of poetry, Horror Sleaze Trash from here

You want to be visiting here –

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