Retrospiration – Melanie Manchot

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 1, 2011
(Melanie Manchot) With mountains I, 1999

(Melanie Manchot) With mountains I, 1999

There appears to be an inverse rule in the world of nude modeling: the older a women gets the less likely it is she will happily pose naked for a photograph; the older a man gets the more likely he will strip off for a portrait.

What I particularly love about this portrait is that the work itself makes no statement or hides any agenda on the model’s age. It is just a beautiful portrait of a person, natural, graceful. When first seeing it I was struck by it’s honesty and consideration. Using a location both suited to compliment and benign in representation, the integration with landscape dispels the notion of a pre-planned art piece. It’s seems so everyday. What is exceptional is that an image that should be unexceptional by it’s content is conspicuous by it’s rarity.

(When searching for the originator of this image I found them listed as a prize winner of the John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award, the same site which introduced me to the work of Katrina Lithgow. Well worth a visit, featuring an outstanding selective of portraiture…

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