Sluts for the blind – erotic jewellery

Posted in caught, sought by juliobesq on June 12, 2011

Silver and gold braille letter tags by Gentle Medusa

Technology, bondage and craftsmanship. Or seaweed and cock-rings. Not strings of words normally found together, or is that bound together. A stream of events following the American Able post led to the discovery of Gentle Medusa’s jewellery. But what of the provocative title?

Alongside silver lockable slave collars she has fashioned beads that can either be slid onto the collar or on a bangle. What sets them apart is the personalisation – either your lover’s fingerprint so they are always touching you, or, rather ingeniously a QR code. If you’re not sure what these are Wikipedia has a good briefing. But whereas they would normally encode a web address or product information, here they hide the message that the wearer is a slut, or deserves a good spanking, or whatever kinky little secret you want on the edge of discovery. Go to a party and anyone who you allow to read the bead with a smartphone will know what lurk’s beneath the skin.

In the same vein there are braille pendants to be hung from a collar or a more vanilla necklace. Each with a braille letter embossed in gold. And yes, the sample spells S-L-U-T. What I find so appealing is that they would be a superb gift for a blind partner. Something erotic, naughty and loving that can be reached up and touched. Safe in the knowledge that very few sighted people read braille. A gift that expresses their sexuality, acknowledges their disability without pity. Wonderful. I’m saving up but I’m not saying what for…


Himanthalia Elongata cock ring, sterling silver QR code beads by Gentle Medusa

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