Flashing Bodies Action #7 ‘Quiet Revolution’

Posted in caught, sought by juliobesq on May 27, 2011

A new action from Flashing Bodies

A new action from the Flashing Bodies collective, below straight from the horse’s mouth, or their web site at least

Heygate Plaza. 4th June 2011 (12 noon)

Heygate State (Elephant & Castle) was one of the biggest social states in Europe. 1,200 working class families were evacuated in 2008, just 3 or 4 residents still remain. The council is planning a urban speculation regeneration to create new houses up-market.

Enough! There’s nothing we can do to stop it; but we still have our voice and we can operate as a pressing group. let’s not make it easy for them!

On saturday 4th June at noon, Completely Naked is making a public call to do a Flashing Bodies action based on human people, human bodies and human emotions set against the massive blocs of flats, concrete, lapidated doors and windows of Heygate State.

Is it a monster? Is it ‘home’? What is a house for people? Life is complex, so are we.

If you want to participate on this event, just come! (or if you need more info, please contact here)

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