Radical Acceptance by Clarity Haynes

Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 3, 2011

Clarity Haynes by Stefano Giovannini | Breast portrait diptych by Clarity Haynes

Seeing Clarity Haynes painting series “Breasts” struck an immediate chord, the internet proliferates with images of bared flesh, but the vast majority falls within a narrow confine: young women. In fact if we are to be precise young white women. And this being art, what we are really talking about is naked young white women.

Cabbages are beautiful. Prompted by seeing a cabbage used in a floral display we realise a world of only red roses would be a dull place indeed. To stretch the metaphor to breaking point our media’s pages are a vellum made from perfect hot-housed petals, blemish free maybe, but devoid of perfume. Sterile. Her work readdresses the balance, presenting us with views of the other 80% of the world’s bosoms.

There is a quandary here as there exists a correlation between youth and willingness to bare flesh. Age producing confidence in self and body at a tangent it seems. This absence of images reinforcing reticence. Her paintings aim to counteract this, exposing this missing variance of beauty within our species. The Brooklyn Paper has an interview with her, where she says of portraying the stretch marks that accompany curves “People may have an initial reaction of, ‘Oh no, that’s horrible, I don’t want to see that’, but what I’m hoping is as they look, gradually, something else will come in, some sense of peace and power.”

Her site is and the interview can be read at

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