The Pocket commissioned by Rong–Wrong magazine

Posted in caught, thought, wrought by juliobesq on February 18, 2011

Rong-Wrong is new literary periodical being published out of Amsterdam, the premier issue should roll of the presses come May.

Named in honour of Marcel Duchamp’s short-lived magazine, it is concerned with the “poeticisation of phenomenology”, a lovely phrase, or in more everyday language – the essential meaning of something. As Roger-Pol Droit asks, “How are things?”.

For my particular thing I was asked to contribute a subjective view of the pocket.

Further information and where to obtain a copy will be announced on their website:

Although it has absolutely nothing to do with my article what so ever, I would like to end with something from my favourite poet, Anne Baker.

An Englishman’s home
Piles of stone
and brick
Mezzanine floor
Big front door
For sale
To buy
This property ladder
Couldn’t be madder
The obsession
for possession
and why?

I read that in some Kenyan state
a pocket in your trousers
Is your
real estate

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