Winter’s Children trailer

Posted in caught by juliobesq on January 15, 2011

Good clean fun. A phrase oft used, and sometimes even in conjunction with public nudity. But in the case of Jim Mangan’s promotional film for his forthcoming book “Winter’s Children” it’s a very apt phrase.

Mangan is an professional snowboarder who spent the winter photographing a group of friends doing what they do best down a snowy slope, and yes you could mutter Ryan McGinley under your breath: but like McGinley’s work where would cynicism get you.

The film is testament to good clean fun. I mean snowboarding naked down a mountain with your friends? Fuck yeah!, is the only reasonable exclamation. I wish I had a better sense of balance (physically, thanks).

Watch the trailer and I’ll swear not a single dirty thought runs through your head and you are left mentally air-punching. They say youth is wasted on the young. Not this time. The only thing better than snowboarding naked… etc etc… is, well check the clip at 1:40.

Thank you Jim Mangan.

Found via Nowness, more on Jim Mangan’s site, and the book is available from Powerhouse books.

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