Klaus Pichler’s dust

Posted in caught by juliobesq on October 23, 2010

Klaus Pichler has been photographing dust. Although lint and detritus may be a more apt description.
I find them incredibly beautiful.

Naturally rich in metaphor it’s all I can do to stop myself eulogising about transience, beauty in discard, the ephemeral given substance. See, I’ve started already.

Each a microcosm of the environment Pilcher harvested them from. Police stations, dressmakers, soccer clubs, galleries and homes. The clusters producing miniature worlds. At their purest, bereft of obvious clues to their domicile, they lose sense of magnitude; an abstract terrain. I can imagine them large scale.

I only wish that all 100 were on display at his site. Which contains other intriguing series, although for me none quite has the warmth and charm of his dust.

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