Fantomatik – A gentleman burglar of images

Posted in caught by juliobesq on July 30, 2010

Pandora's Box - Susan Meiselas

Fantomatik is a photographic blog run with a dedication and perseverance that I can commend by Franck Jamet, or as he calls himself “gentleman cambrioleur dimages” – a gentleman burglar of images.

Almost everyday for the last sixteen months he has been posting either the work of a single photographer or a small portfolio based upon a theme. We all have our bad hair days and on those a single quirky photograph is hung under the banner Zoum Zoum.

There are two standout reasons for following Fantomatik. When a new art event drops into the consciousness of the online art world you can see the ripples of announcement spread from  blog to blog, governed by who reads who. By featuring often esoteric themes of his own choosing eschews the repetition found in the circulating blogsphere, viz á viz Mystery Twins and Sacred Tattoos. Already interesting, his motif of choice is enriched with an encyclopedic knowledge of photographers: early practitioners, photojournalist giants, fashion mavericks and fine artists all get a look in.

There is a similar breadth of range when picking a single photographer to exhibit. Every Ellen von Unwerth is counterbalanced by showcasing the work of obscurer lens people such as Nathalie Daoust & Susan Meiselas (or maybe it’s just that my knowledge of the medium is much skimpier than I thought).

Franck Jamet, your light fingers are appreciated.

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