Posted in brought by juliobesq on July 29, 2010

Very excited as to what the mailbag will bring in the next few days.

As Nude Paper have just announced that the second issue is rolling off the press any day now, it seemed highly prudent to grab a copy of the premier issue while still in stock. It pertains to be a fashion magazine for the underdressed and oversexed. Mine’s in the post.

Nude Paper Blog | Order Nude Paper

Boris Hoppek is a artist, painter and photographer I very much admire and feel a kinship with. He photographs nudes, and clothes them with the surreal and the bizarre. Where others might objectify he confounds and delights in his portrayal of the pin-up and porn. Imagine if David Lynch was a small Japanese cartoon character instead of a Hollywood director. He makes a very good hairy vinyl vagina too.

Not content with knitting bimbos he produces Lavagina – a magazine of ironic erotica. Naturally I had to have a copy.

Lavagina 01 and Lavagina 02 can be read online, but come one, admit it, you really want to get your hands on your own Lavagina 03

Order Lavagina

A minor gripe, one the reasons I delayed in purchasing Nude Paper was trying to source a UK outlet for the magazine. As seems very common when purchasing internet magazines the postage can double the price. Nude paper is a very reasonable €8, plus €4.50 for it’s plain brown wrapper. Lavagina a bargain €6 but €10 to smuggle it into the UK.

Print publishing is a costly business and whilst willing to finance beauty that can be held between the palms, a tenner to receive it adds a sting to the tail (Apparently there is a postage standard called printed matter which is far cheaper). I for one would be willing to wait a little extra for my cheap parody of porn if I could save a bit on packing. Consider it foreplay.

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