Pantone ice cream

Posted in thought by juliobesq on July 28, 2010

Image flinched from Pantone used for illustrative purpose. Do not eat.

Sometimes you can be struck by a thought that with development could turn out to be a good idea. Lacking in time, money, expertise or just general impetus to make it reality, such whimsies would normally turn fallow. A blog allows harbour to these half baked ideas (see Ironic Sans).

Here’s one – Pantone Ice Cream.

Create various flavours. Package them in beautifully minimal pots bearing only the colour and number of the resultant mix: Designer ice cream.

So this post isn’t a complete waste of space here’s a recipe for my favourite flavour, have trust, it is delicious – Basil Ice Cream. Actually frozen yoghurt, but those familiar enough with making custard based mixtures can adapt.

Empty a large pot of greek style yoghurt (sheep’s milk preferably) into a clean tea towel, tie the towel up into a bundle  (I use a hair band but an elastic one should do), and hang up in the fridge so the liquid drips out. Or allow place the tea towel in a pan allowing enough room beneath the cloth for the drained whey. Basically get a bit Heath Robinson so you can strain the stuff in the fridge.

In a pan dissolve 150 grams white sugar in 140 grams water over a medium heat, allow to cool. (Probably doesn’t have to be that percise, basically 5oz each sugar and water.)

Pull the leaves off a very large bunch of basil (or two regular bunches) and pop into a blender, add the cooled sugar syrup, and whizz till bright emerald green. Chill. (Ice cream works best if all the ingredients are as cold as possible before the churning stage)

Pour the basil syrup and drained yoghurt into your ice cream maker according to recommended procedure. But I haven’t got an ice cream maker you say. Hunt down an ice cream football maker, or use the technique my gran did: pour into a tupperware tub with a lid and place in the freezer, take it out every 15 to 30 minutes and give it a stir round with a fork, until frozen enough to start eating.

Don’t tell your friends what the flavour is, enigmatically state Pantone 346, see if they can guess.

If you really can’t be bothered with the whole ice cream thing I reckon you could create an awesome cocktail, adding some ice and vodka and the blender stage. Maybe some lime juice.

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