3 x 8tracks

Posted in brought, caught, wrought by juliobesq on May 29, 2010

When Daniel Eacott, co-creator of indexhibit – the software that runs my site – say “make something” I’m sure he’s referring to the physical; been time poor recently but have managed to foster three playlists…

At a certain pace

bbmm bbm bbrmm bmm bbmm bbmm bbrmm bmm ad infinitum
(Clue? Sébastien Tellier, Tegan & Sara, Grandadbob…)

Cones and Spirals

Mung or meld of favourite themes: folktronica snogs chillwave tongues nudisco rubbed all over with dubstep light (dubskip?). Or stick a big shiny pink pop sticker on it.


Stone cold classics: nothing too obscure: a man, or a woman, the dark hour of the night, the human condition, dragged along with guitar or piano. Buckleys, Drakes and Parsons should tell you which heartland we’re heading into… (Tissues optional)

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