Perversome – a flickr distillr

Posted in caught by juliobesq on April 19, 2010

Here I am on a battlefield by tetheredto | Stranger series by Benoit P | flower shower (in the garden) by Jan Durina

Flickr really is a macrocosm of humanity. As such it is a thankless task to try sift through its mass. There are routes which active photographers use: joining groups, peer’s favourites, but for the casual observer with an interest in contemporary photography a swathe of quality lies unnoticed beneath the surface.

It can’t be long before the first Flickr superstar emerges. There is a viewpoint that holds having a Flickr account is not a professional proposition, certain art sites who wont except portfolio submissions unless they are held under a ‘real domain’. Ignoring that its format allows it to function as sketch book and private view combined – a valuable tool for developing artists.

Regardless of industry standards the site reaches a lot of people, and like Myspace with Lily Allen and The Arctic Monkeys some of the contributors are bound to reach household status. Fine art contenders for my money include Ashley and Tracy (although they no longer work as a duo) and Jan Durinda (current favourite), Benoit Paille for his continuing strangers portrait series, perhaps Merkley??? for his vibrant and humorous nudes.There are many more Flickr photographers I would like to namecheck but this isn’t the intent of this post.

It would be beneficial if there were a guide to those using it as an exhibition space. The artists I have mentioned are mainly centered across nude photography, Synthetic Pubes does a commendable job of gathering Flickr nudes together and the afore-posted Ne te promene donc pas toute nue, but neither are applicable for those seeking a more general view on contemporary photography.

For that may I recommend Perversome, a livejournal blog that is both meticulous and prodigious in it’s collating of the Flickrverse. As with all exhibitions the content rests with the aesthetics of the curator, the contributor(s) behind Perversome has a broad enough taste to ensure even amongst the emerging themes enough quirks appear to keep it fresh. Although not publicly stated it seems that it is updated via a script that watches favourites from certain accounts – metacuration if you will.

Given the volume and livejournal’s fixed format browsing the RSS feed leads to a more fluid experience:

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