Malcolm McLaren. Fuck Forever.

Posted in brought, caught, thought by juliobesq on April 9, 2010

Fuck forever by Jamie Reid

Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren 1946 – 2010

Above all else he was an entertainer and I will miss him and so should you.
Johnny Rotten

I have never cared about a ‘celebratory’ death before, for someone I have never met, but with the news of Malcolm McLaren’s death I unexpectedly feel a sense of loss, emotion at his passing. Without hyperbole I can say that this blog would not exist were it not for the phenomenon that he and Johnny Rotten hurled at Britain in the hot summer of ’76.

The minute my best friend played me ‘Anarchy in the UK’ my life changed forever. No exaggeration. And not just in spirit: my career has been peppered with people who one way or another were influenced, employed, nurtured or infuriated by him. No point in listing names or events for this post is for Malcolm alone.

Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates.

Malcolm McLaren, fuck forever.

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