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Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 21, 2010

Originally I intended to post about Arjan Benning’s skin alphabet when a friend sent me a link posted on When I browsed the rest of the blog I became impressed with the breadth of the content. In particular how it’s author Clemens Poloczek features work from outside the surrounding art blogsphere.

Too often it is just the artist’s work that gets the attention without realising the effort a blogs curator puts in bringing it to our attention, so a note of thanks to Clemens for his devotion. For it not just aggregating material from other sites, he also runs a Flickr group allowing up and coming illustrators and photographers a chance to showcase their work.

Aside from the aforementioned skin alphabet  I have discovered some great work, Lise Lefebvre’s rugs as pictured above, yarn bombing by Magda Sayeg and hair sculpture by Alice Anderson.


Work by Alice Anderson | Magda Sayeg | Lise Lefebvre

And finally here’s the skin alphabet by Arjan Benning, anyone who has, ahem, played with pegs will know that it’s not a trivial matter, especially when they come off.

Ignant also features Hairvetica by Vladimir Knocar.

Just to be completist here’s the effing typeface by Alex Merto, discovered via Svärta
Effing alphabet by Alex Merto

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