Posted in caught by juliobesq on March 1, 2010

I admit that I spend way too much time on Flickr. It is one of the great successes of community based web sites, where swathes of quality content are curated into group galleries and individuals link to favourites taken by others. But it’s rubbish to browse. The textual aspects which make for a great interaction between photographers clutter the screen for the passive viewing. And unless you like sunsets and kittens Flickr’s own explore feature is pretty pedestrian given their commitment to offend no-one and appeal to anyone.

Plus, more often photographs have a greater drama presented on black

ffffl*ckr to the rescue. It fills the screen with decent sized thumbs, on black; clicking on an image appends to the bottom of the page a selection of other people’s pictures the photographer has favourited. The process can be continued ad finitum. Any image can be popped-up full screen, or jump to the page on Flickr. Alas the only drawback is, like browsing under a guest account, it can’t access photographs deemed not ‘safe’ – practically anything skin toned.

It’s a fabulous way to browse flickr, so thank you Mr ffffl*ckr, whoever you are, for creating it.

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