Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 18, 2010

Photographs: Estelle Hanania | Alexander Binder | Helga Wretman

The lesson I guess is post immediately. Following links from the excellent \\\ art blog I stumbled upon Estelle Hanania. Bookmarked. Thought she would make for a good piece on modern pagan. Then the excellent \\\ posted her today.

Alongside that Cadbury’s Flake advert, the film ‘The Wicker man’ has burnt permanent afterimages throughout my retinal cortex causeway. Maidens and fauves in still-blooded rabbit fur blouses adorned with glitter eyeshadow. I get ahead of myself.

Estelle Hanania is a photographer whose work mixes iconography from magic, paganism, nudes, primitivism and dressing up in big furry suits, smoking cigarettes. She more or less captures all the things I love in life, bar pink glitter and salt spray from the yacht’s prow. The fact she is not famous is a crime.

Perhaps her work is known by current anonymous music industry buzz ‘iamamiwhoami’ – Swedishish electropop in the Knife tradition, their singer being one of the contenders for the face behind the act. Others include Goldfrapp, although the smart money seems to be on Little Boots. Below is their teaser video. Very Hanania.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alexander Binder’s offers a more black and white centric take on modern pagan, it could be possible to read Faustian pacts with darker forces into his work, with oblique frames of German expressionism. Saving it from becoming a bit too double umlaut Teutonic rock he will swathe an image in Fiorucci rainbow hues.

It is perhaps a little unfair to pin Helga Wretman in the modern-pagan taxonomy, since her dance and acting credits cover a vast range of intriguing projects, judging by the pieces documented on her site any performance she is participating in would be worth attending. One instance being the face and body behind Hanania’s ‘White Spell’.

I’m off to scatter ash in the woods, where all that glitters is not blood.

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