The Erotic Book Club – Girls

Posted in brought, caught by juliobesq on February 8, 2010

The Erotic Book Club

Redux. Double redux. Two previous posts combined. Nic Kelman’s ‘Girls’ is brutal, compassionate and unforgiving, unflinching, cruel, and understanding. Comprising short stories on the motives and fears which drive middle-aged men to sleep with teen girls, whose love for their wives is in direct proportion to their perceived notions of youth and beauty. And at times pretty saucy. I found the book compelling enough to kick-start me into writing. Can’t think of higher praise.

The publisher Serpent’s Tail have one of the stories online so you can have a read for yourself.

And if found interesting enough buy a copy, for The Erotic Book Club have chosen it as their book of the month and will be discussing it at the book club’s next meeting, to be held at 8pm on Thursday 25th February at Donlon Books.

The Erotic Book Club. Donlon Books. Unit 3, 210 Cambridge Heath Road. London, E2 9NQ.

They suggest bringing a bottle of wine along to share and help loosen tongues. Their future reading list also includes Ewan Morrison’s ‘Swingers’ whose short stories ‘The last book you read’ was another major contribution in inspiring me to start writing. Men behaving badly. But well read.

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