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Posted in caught by juliobesq on February 7, 2010
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Michel de Broin’s giant mirrorball installation ‘La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel’ at The Jardin de Luxembourg recreates the night’s starscape which urban lighting obscures.

The cryptically entitled \\\ is a contemporary art blog curated by an Italian designer Angelo Bramanti (I think), reachable at the the more pronounceable

With the majority of art blogs you can trace the genus of new exhibition announcements through the via links under each post, a who reads who. Bramanti seems to cast his eye further a field than the other tumblr galleries I follow and almost always features novel emergent artists.

Détail series by Frederic Fontenoy

Recently through his site I have discovered sculptural work by Gregor Gaida, Michel de Broin and Derick Melander, and photographers Frederic Fontenoy,  Ansen Seale and Ruben Brulat. Each of these artists deserves a post of their own, but without the dedication and enthusiasm of Bramanti I would have been none the wiser to any of their work, and so feel that this entry should be titled in his honour, as a mark of gratitude.

The artists highlighted here are a fraction of those featured in \\\ so I suggest if you appreciate a dose of contemporary art an immediate visit is in order.

Heisenberg Figure by Ansen Seale

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