SubMinder, a writer’s tool

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on January 15, 2010

Introducing ‘SubMinder’, a writer’s tool to help track submissions to publications…

Getting published isn’t always instant, it can involve sending a story to several litzines (those of course who accept simultaneous submissions), and then waiting. You could send it publication by publication after each has responded, though the editorial process isn’t sometimes that quick. You could end up waiting, well, a while, till that joyful email of acceptance arrives.

In practice what happens is a clutch of submissions are emailed, then when the piece is accepted a hunt through the sent-box is required retrieving any remaining editor’s addresses, notifying them of publication elsewhere. Or since nothing’s been heard one wonders wether the litzine is allowed to be sent a gentle enquiry, you think the requisite waiting period is over.

What would be most helpful is someway of monitoring which publication has been sent what story, when, and their reaction, when it comes. In light of Dennis Waterman’s phone number being ex-directory the only solution I could think of was to write a software assistant myself…

Gratis to use for all aspiring authors, it remembers who got what and records the verdict. Spits out email addresses. Keeps a note of dates. Only caveat? Comes as is.

Comments gratefully received, pretty babbles from Amazon even more so.

And if you’re wondering.. Waterman?…

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