Incroyables and Merveilleuses

Posted in caught by juliobesq on November 27, 2009

Johnny Rotten in London, 1976, by Bob Gruen

Checking out the latest Hawk! A Vagrant strip, intrigued by references to the protagonists I Googled them (having missed that lesson at school).

Stolen straight from

The Incroyables (the Unbelievables) and the Merveilleuses (the Marvelous Ones) were part of a rebellious youth movement that arose during the 1790s, during the French Revolution (1789–99). The revolution had begun a tremendous upheaval in France pitting the poor and the middle class against the wealthy, and the government was very unstable. The Incroyables (men) and the Merveilleuses (women) were political young people, who were the product of an explosive time in history. They made their political statement by dressing in outlandish fashions that exaggerated and mocked the luxurious styles that had been worn in the court of King Louis XVI (1754–1793), who had recently been executed by the revolutionary government. Though many ridiculed the extreme fashions of the Incroyablesand the Merveilleusesand called them immoral, they did remind people of the time before the revolution, when outrageous fashions had been more than a jest.

There’s more and it’s worth reading. Incroyables and Merveilleuses? They rock.

Mr Rotten from the anthemic tumblr ‘x

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