Posted in caught by juliobesq on November 25, 2009

Curves are just
beautiful lines


I read this line in a tumblr belong to Ashley MacLean, who along with Traci Matlock run an empire of blogs, aside from being a phrase well rounded in thought, it gives me the excuse to post about their work.

I have mentioned them before in passing, but I feel I owe them a bow of gratitude, an admittance, an acknowledgement. I discovered then through their collaborative Flickr stream, which contains the image that set me on the path I am currently traversing. Though perhaps better described as orienteering.

"Light that keeps existence particular," by Ashley & Traci

Like Martin Hannet’s production for the Joy Division opus ‘Unknown Pleasures’ it speaks of the spaces, the unsaid. That an image can be erotic without revealment. That there is power in undisclosure.

It sparked the desire to create imagery on lust, ritual and appetite. I decided not to cheapen these words by working in a pun regarding the dual pronunciation and instead offer a simple bow of thanks for the curves.

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