Posted in wrought by juliobesq on November 16, 2009


Apple rejected my generative bird song piece for having minimal user functionality, since after all listening to the birds sing is usually an experience rich in interactivity. Adam after porting it to the iPhone took exception with their reasoning, added three sliders, and represented it.

Apple approved it.

Now the vaguely insulting part is it passed with the sliders not actually doing anything, other than slide that is. Apparently one will change the volume of the next audio stream that’s generated, which is probably really handy if you don’t want to use the volume control on your phone. But the other two, nada.

So it’s been accepted for appearing as if it has rich user functionality, the testing process not actually going as far as seeing whether the sliders do anything. Which is I suppose is a good compromise: it gets published and leaves the application as is should be, continuous never looping bird song, our gift to cubicle workers.

Purchase it from for the grand total of 59 pence.

Just remember you can safely ignore the sliders. If we sell a few copies Adam and I will buy a loaf or two and celebrate by feeding the swans.

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