Radio Arcadia

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on November 11, 2009


A ramble. Which is how it all started.

A walk through the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Adam Hoyle coding me a sound engine for a client, having a studio in the garden, these elements all conjoined in my creating Radio Arcadia a couple of years back…

An audio tape of birdsong from the Wiltshire garden of Digital One’s chairman has been used as the test transmission for various digital radio stations since it’s recording in the spring of 1992.

When it was last taken off air three years ago, the broadcaster was surprised to find it had dedicated listeners voicing complaint.

Radio Arcadia is my gift to all office and cubicle workers. Play gently. Escape.

For those of you without speakers it boils down to me tweaking Adam’s audio engine to generate an endless stream of British bird song.

Skip to the summer, news reaches Adam and I that radio birdsong has finally been taken off the air (, Adam asks if I would mind if he, in return, tweaked the code back, and ported it to the iPhone.

Which he does, asks me for a logo, and sends it into Apple for approval. Apple vet every application for inclusion in the iTunes store. We get a reply.

Subject: BirdSongFM 1.0: Application Submission Feedback

Dear Mr.Hoyle,

We’ve reviewed your application BirdSongFM and we have determined that this application contains minimal user functionality and will not be appropriate for the App Store.

So it appears that if it hasn’t got a slider it’s no good. Dear Mr Mondrian, perhaps if the viewer were given a felt tip…

I particularly like Apple’s next line in the reply, “If you would like to share it with friends and family, we recommend …” Thanks Apple, I’m sure my mother will be very proud of me too.

So it seems that the iPhone is a closed platform. Adam is muttering about adding a tweet intensity control, but I for one think it may have ended for the best since I really hate the icon I drew, and publish it here to chastise myself for so fucking cute. Should have stuck to my guns too and called it Radio Arcadia.

Oh, and I learnt through the power of Google that Iggy sings “radio burning up above” and not radio birdland, although I kind of prefer my misheard version.

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