The Glamour

Posted in brought by juliobesq on October 8, 2009

I have just finished ‘The Glamour’ by Christopher Priest. An author who for me only came to light after becoming curious having seen his novel ‘The Prestige’ adapted as a film.

He is woefully unknown, sharing many similar traits with early to mid period Ballard, perhaps it is use of science fiction motifs that have held back wider fame. Even after a hit film he still languishes in obscurity.

His novels could also been seen as having parallels with the canon of John Fowles, residing as they do in the use of literary devices. Words within words, worlds within worlds.

May I recommend in particular ‘The Affirmation’, a beautifully sculpted work that still resonates with me long after finishing. (Much of his oeuvre remains out of print so with some reluctance I recommend buying second hand from Amazon). If you can, it’s best to buy The Glamour without reading any reviews as knowing what said glamour is may spoil some of your enjoyment.

I have been touched by The Glamour.

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