Bum Bum go for 2010

Posted in caught, wrought by juliobesq on September 23, 2009

Bum Bum backstage

For the last week and a half I have been rehearsing secret acts at a secret location deep in London’s East End. The fantastic You Me Bum Bum Train were awarded a research and development fund from The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust to showcase a new production, with an eye to winning a grant for staging a major show in 2010.

Regardless of winning the new scenes feature some of the best experiences yet, so yesterday evening with trepidation but satisfaction at a job well done the cast retired to a nearby snooker club, awaiting news after the founders had given the judges a post-train presentation.

With news of the winner coming through by text within hours, the atmosphere in snooker hall went what I can only describe as “ape shit”. There were tears and hugging, high fives and air punching, there was roaring and screaming. So much so that I could still hear the cheering from two streets away after I left . No exaggeration. Bum Bum won by the way.

So keep your eyes peeled in 2010 for announcements of the next show. Yes it is that good, is it an oxymoron to say that I wished I had never seen it so that I could again feel the exhilaration of taking that first unknown ride?

Congratulations You Me Bum Bum Train, thank you the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust in your wise judgement, and most of all congratulations lucky you, as the ride is on for next year.

“What has been one of London’s more obtuse treasures looks set to become one of Great Britain’s proudest moments” – Dazed and Confused, June 2007

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