Flood tide

Posted in sought by juliobesq on September 3, 2009
Photo by Alison Baskerville

Photo by Alison Baskerville

I missed it last time due to holidays, something I wont let happen again; it’s free, in a great setting and sounds fantastic. See you there.

Sat 12 September 2009
2pm – 4pm
London Bridge City Pier

Flood Tide, created by jazz trumpeter and composer John Eacott, is a unique open air musical performance generated by the movement of tidal water: a live sonification of tidal flow. A sensor placed in the Thames reads the river’s tidal movements which are then converted into musical notation and played live by an ensemble of 40 musicians. The piece will last for approximately two hours, and will include string and wind instruments, drums and voices.

Flood Tide is an ambient piece that aims to encourage a new kind of listening- the audience are invited to drift in and out of the music, listening for a while and then moving on, perhaps to return and hear how the piece has changed.

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