Chanson Brel

Posted in caught by juliobesq on August 27, 2009


Twenty years later Nick Cave is about to have his second novel “The death of Bunny Munroe” published. A slacker you could say bar the fact of his output in-between.

The synapse wiring in my subconscious connects Cave with Brel. I’m sure St. Nick would approve. So consider that reason enough to post chanteur extraordinaire Jacques. The first clip has embedding disabled but no matter; take a few minutes out and watch it on Youtube full screen. You don’t even have to have the volume up to catch the emotions. The face of all humanity. Breathtaking.

Pursue the narrative by watching Bas Jan Ader cry.

There are translations of Brel’s songs on the site to view afterwards, but let his expression tell all before becoming distracted by subtitles. 

And finally because it’s good to leave of where you started watch Nick Cave read excepts.

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