Neville Brody interview by Deezen

Posted in caught by juliobesq on June 14, 2009


The pecha kucha I gave at David Gale’s Peachy Coochie Nights and BAC’s Burst festival gave a brief history of type in twenty fonts and ended with Neville Brody’s Insigna. Commenting along the lines that Brody’s faces and the fact he cut them from red film or a rotraring pen suddenly opened up the world of type design. With a call to the barricades his work gave me and a generation of graphic designers the confidence to create typography without thinking we needed to serve an apprentice with a foundry. With a Mac suddenly the graphic world was ours.

So I watched with great delight Nevile Brody talking about topics close to my heart including punk, London, t-shirts and fashion during an interview by Deezen for the Design Museum’s ‘Super Contemporary’ exhibition.

Watch it at

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  1. krupatel24 said, on August 12, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    Nevile Brody has shown some great designs, as well as his work for the super contemporary – do hope is work attract all the high school – think at least think this way their be enhanced security, etc with his camera design. i would recommend going to see it. In fact there happens to be tickets which when registered will entitle you to free entry. Thought that may well be handy.

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