Appearing at Peachy Coochie

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on April 7, 2009

I am appearing.

David Gale’s Peachy Coochie Nights is an evening of pecha kucha held in the Arts Admin bar at Tonybee Studios, Aldgate, compared by the inimitable Mr Gale.

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format created by Klein Dytham Architecture in which the presentee has 20 seconds to orate 20 slides, developed ostensively to halt young architects talking endlessly about buildings and building during pitches. You can see why they dreamt the concept up. Pecha Kucha is apparently an ideophone for the sound of Japanese being spoken.

Since it’s inception it has been hijacked by the arts movement amongst others, and here steps in Mr Gale who has been involved in performance for, well for a while. I have been to quite a few of his peachy evenings and so can attest to their high entertainment value. So much so that I am stepping up to the plate and will be cooching at this month’s show.

Arts Admin
April 30th 2009
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I was originally going to read aloud some of my tiny stories, but this would be playing with the form. Not in a good way, at least for a debut. To wit, there are rules. The 20 slides can not be random, and must form a sequential narrative, on a sustained subject. Like ‘Just a minute’ with added hurdle of being invigilated by fascistic time and motions fanatic. No transitions, no durational slippage, no stopping.

I have witnessed people not talk but staple objects to themself, use a number other than twenty, show video, and speak utter nonsense. All of which is indeed justifiable in performance and entertainment, but for my initiation I wish to experience pecha kucha in it’s purest form. Except I wont be talking about buildings.

Be lovely to see you.

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