A camera as simple as a pencil

Posted in thought by juliobesq on February 25, 2009

Words are my thing. I write tiny fiction. Words start on a completely blank canvas.

The words became unlocked one weekend coming across old digital holiday snaps. I started writing. Later I came across some older photographs still, these ones shot on slide film. I had forgotten all about the grain, the glow, the mystery. I wanted to take pictures again.

I brought a Holga and said hello to expectation, to chemicals, to imagining how they might develop, because after all, there’s every chance they might not. I like the delay, the wait, the disappointments, the accidents, the surprises. The reflection of life’s dirt and glory.

When I write I don’t think about the paper size, or the length of words, I think about the tale. It’s plastic simplicity brings me that constraint, that lack of measurement. You point, you click, you hope they come out.

If you want, you can look through the view finder, but it wont show you the crop. If you desire a tighter zoom then you step forward, get closer, upfront and personal.

A camera as simple as a pencil. With options removed, left focusing on what there is to say. The story.

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