Happy Year End

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on December 31, 2008

An exceptional year. There are two rules about blogging that in my mind should be adhered to: not writing about blogging and not writing about oneself. Which doesn’t leave a lot does it? And I have seem to have broken both of them.

But who doesn’t love lists? To celebrate the last twelve months here are twelve songs released this year that I have played to death.

And because I heart lists here in the words of the much missed Spalding Gray are twelve things that encapsulate “perfect moments” from the past year.


peeling apples in one long strip

homemade gingerbread

the smell of early morning meadow

skating on ice

england’s fields from a train

bread fresh from the oven

running through autumn leaves

harbour lights

opening packets of wetware photos

giant mechanical spiders


mint tea

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