The ride is over

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on December 21, 2008

“You Me Bum Bum Train” has now closed and is moving from Cordy House. Which means I am now at liberty to post a few of the snaps from this extraordinary event. A new premises is being sought and hopefully the ride will return in ’09 with all new scenarios.

My gratitude goes to Kate and Morgan for inviting me to participate – and to all the other bumbumers for their performances the week I took the wheelchair.

The photographs were taken with a Holga and make it look more sinister then it was, although it was every bit as hallucinatory as it appears. That said, listening to the boxer and his trainer over the nights I performed made me glad I went early in the season, as they appeared to ramp up the levels of vocal violence as the weeks went by. More are posted over on Flickr.

The curious or astute may wonder how I managed to smuggle a camera in – I was a fashionista photographer daaaarling, and can I say you are looking H. O. T. hot tonight, just fabulous, fabulous, soooo this season…

Still clueless? reviews can be found by Amelia’s Magazine and The Times.

Want to catch the ride? Best watch or their Facebook group

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