Analogue love

Posted in brought by juliobesq on December 13, 2008


Eight hours were spent yesterday polishing and preening a web site that uses an inordinate amount of computer and internet technologies to produce artwork to laser engrave perspex invites. And all the while dreaming of ink and metal.

A few weeks a go a box from the past arrived unexpectedly, among the ephemera where portraits taken of various rock groups during the nineties. I have been wrestling the last year with digital cameras struggling to bring to images a sense of place, drama, mood – leading to an evolutionary upgrade war solution. Literally days away from purchasing a digital single lens reflex when these prints revealed what it was that I saw missing in recent pictures – film.

I have a £20 Holga camera, it’s rubbish. I love it.

The first roll came back from Snappysnaps complete with accidental double exposure, creating a portrait of a family night out no amount of intention would have wrought. A cry of recognition went up when Scarlett Thomas wrote of a character’s hatred of people who instantly review the photographs of a scene they are still standing in front of, camera in hand. A camera is a tool, and at times a camera phone is the best choice, but welcome back the mystery of opening a packet of prints replete with chemical goodness.

The analogue journey has gathered momentum, plans are afoot to fit the studio out as a darkroom so friends can use it, and within hours of admiring the wonderful letter-pressed cards produced by Sycamore Street Press the button was pushed on Ebay to buy a 1940s Adana print press. The bidding continues apace on cold metal type. Now all those Quark terms really mean something – leading, fonts, quads and spaces.

It arrives on Monday, time to get the hands dirty, literary literally.

(* there are sound reasons why most digital cameras can’t reproduce the bokeh of old school SLRs, aside from the distance of the lens to the image plate, very few digital cameras have a sensor as large as the 35mm image area of a neg, which impacts upon the optics.)

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