“5/Strings” showing at Shunt

Posted in wrought by juliobesq on October 11, 2008

The near completion of “Ring”, the collaboration between myself and Adam Hoyle, has generated (no pun intended) an interest in some of my early sound works. The Shunt Lounge will be showing “5/Strings”, part of the Algorhythms suite, from Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th October in the long corridor. Precipitation may be expected.

Here’s the official line.

Julian Baker’s work inhabits the space between image, sound and interaction, where the viewers physical participation becomes, affects and is crucial to the visual and sonic narrative.

“Like the toys of childhood, I am interested in systems that allow the result to unfurl with play”

5/Strings: Inspired by the mathematical aspects found in classical music, 5/Strings confines a system by aligning cubic geometry with the bowing of a stringed instrument.

The participant or conductor can direct each of the quintet’s “musicians” in the strict sequence and tempo they play. The directional spin of each cube dictates the four note scale from their total repertoire of six pitches, with speed of rotation denoting their tempo. By this simple point and click interaction a rich and complex harmony can be generated.

The Shunt Lounge entrance is a little door on Joiner Street in London Bridge tube station, London SE1

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