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Posted in brought, wrought by juliobesq on October 3, 2008

Ian Fleming or is it James Bond tells us in “Goldfinger” that “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.” (actually as the anorak wearer will point out it was the character Auric Goldfinger who uttered those words).

A similar mental dictum governs my internal zeitgeist barometer. First, something comes to your notice, most often registering in a vague and subconscious way. It’s when it comes around again that the strength of the original impression is felt. Without the second reinforcement the subject could have faded away in the noise of life. But when it occurs for a third time you know something is in the air: that it’s time to pay attention, time to take action.

Hunter David in one of his confessions of a collector illustrated the reverse side of a postcard sent to him by Paul McCartney (pretending to be someone else, in a prankster moment). It got me to thinking about how digital communications don’t have the same resonance; how a romantic text is not the same as a love letter. This ‘lack of physical evidence’ came up in discussion with a client; museums of the future are going to be hard pushed creating exhibits from emails.

During a later conversation regarding good public service and how it should be appreciated and recognised, I mentioned my thoughts on sending a thank you note to my doctor and physiotherapist. Coincidence raised it’s head when I was told of an article they had recently read reporting on the resurgence of sending postcards of thanks. A return to a physical artifact that makes the message more personal, more heartfelt.

Within days an email arrived in my inbox (without irony) advertising that Moo now do postcards from your Flickr stream. Enemy action.

Without delay sets was ordered. Now I can demonstrate a proper level of gratitude by responding on personalised stationery. I’m sure Mr Bond would approve.

Again the thrice rule occurs, for within days of taking ‘the photo of the postcard of the photo of the view from my studio’ to celebrate the arrival of my moo-cards, I stumble upon two more photographers creating recursive imagery.

 Michael Hughes “Souvenirs” project





 Aimless-thing on DeviantART











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